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What To Expect When Owning A Coffee Shop Business

Moving from customer to a coffee shop business franchise owner is a huge but rewarding change. As with any industry, there are some exciting and often surprising quirks.

It’s not all coffee beans and fancy latte art!

In fact, much of the work will be done through the people around you. This includes customers and your “bean team” of hard-working employees. Crafting friendly relationships with both is a crucial element of running a coffee shop.

Ready to dive into some intriguing insider tips around being a coffee shop franchisee?

Great! You’ll learn more about employee-franchisee relationships, what goes into a day’s work, and more.

Is Owning a Coffee Shop Business a Hands-Off Experience?

In short? Not at all. Owning a coffee shop business is usually a hands-on experience, no matter the size of the coffee shop.

You’ll likely have well-trained staff to help you. But being a coffee shop franchisee isn’t all about you sitting back and drinking a delicious coffee while your team works.

More often than not, you’ll find yourself on the frontlines.

This means you’ll be side-by-side with your bean team, creating and serving authentic coffees to your happy customers.

Marketing should also be a focus. The ideal coffee shop franchisee is an individual who loves engaging with people for two key reasons. First, so customers always feel welcome and second, to energetically market your new coffee shop business.

Feeling a bit daunted? Don’t worry. Joining the Just Love Coffee family means you’ll receive all the training you need.

What Type of Relationship Can I Expect to Have with my Coffee Shop Employees?

Running a Just Love Coffee location means you’re creating a budding bean team family. With around 16-20 employees needed at launch, it’s unlike some larger, more corporate coffee shop franchises.

Having productive and supportive relationships with your employees is important. It can do wonders for your coffee shop business’ growth. At the end of the day, they’ll be the backbone of your coffee shop franchise.

To take some of the pressure off you, your employees benefit from all the training materials provided to you by your franchisor, so you can train them effectively and focus on building those strong relationships with your bean team.

It would be surprising to find a warm, friendly coffee shop where the owner does not have a close relationship with their employees.

What Support Will I Receive From My Franchisor?

Once you are awarded a Just Love Coffee franchise, you join a supportive environment that’s focused on making coffee with love and making changes in the world.

As such, it won’t surprise you to hear that Just Love Coffee supports their franchisees every step of the way.

Valuable training and coaching will guide you through your coffee shop journey. Support you can expect from Just Love Coffee includes:

  • Coaching: There is ongoing support around daily business operations, preparing and serving Just Love Coffee products, marketing through social media, and much more.
  • Initial Training: Before you begin your coffee shop business journey, you’ll learn a lot. Topics include advice on site selection, lease negotiation, store build-out and more.
  • Ongoing Training: Just Love Coffee franchise uniquely prefers to bring on eager-to-learn owners and baristas, even if they don’t have prior experience in the coffee industry. Continuous training covers friendly customer service as well as artisan coffee-making skills as well as general business best practices.

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How Big Will My Coffee Shop Business Be?

This is an interesting question to unpack. We’ve already covered the approximate size of your bean team (16-20 employees). But what about the actual size of your Just Love coffee shop business?

Well, Just Love Coffee is unique, in the fact that you’ll use waffle irons to prepare all the food. Sound intriguing? It means that there’s no need for a large, industrial kitchen.

Instead, you can have a small-scale operation, around 2,000 square feet in size, that still serves both food and coffee.

The approachable atmosphere and hand-roasted coffee are likely to attract crowds of customers. Even if your location is small, your Just Love Coffee location could quickly become a community hub.

To keep things short and sweet: your coffee shop business may appear to be physically small, but your customer base has enormous growth potential.

Will I Be Working with Lots of Different Customers?

This question can have several answers. While you can be in an excellent position to increase your customer base, there can be much more to owning a coffee shop business.

Just Love Coffee isn’t another super-size chain. Your coffee shop will be on track to become the center of your community. Local fundraisers, events, and even concerts could take place in your coffee shop.

You’ll also probably find it’s about more than the delicious coffee: customers will come back for the charming smiles of your bean team and the friendships they share over a latte or our waffled cinnamon rolls.

Hopefully, you’ll be seeing a lot of different customers as they discover your coffee shop. At the same time, you’ll probably be delighted to see familiar faces and their families walk back through the doors.

Will I Have to Develop My Own Brand?

Luckily, creating your own brand is not on the list of tasks you need to do when owning a franchised coffee shop location.

You will, of course, need to market your coffee shop. Just Love Coffee has a readymade brand for you that many customers know, love and trust, and plenty of developed materials and local marketing ideas you can leverage in your area.

Worried about carving out your own identity? No need. It’s easy to step into a Just Love Coffee shop. Think casual, local, and comfortable. Invite your customers in with open arms and consider everyone a part of your Just Love Coffee family.

This is a unique benefit of coffee shop franchises. You won’t find the same experience if you open up your own independent coffee shop.

As a franchisee, your franchisor lifts a lot of weight from your shoulders so you can focus on making superior products and engaging your customers and employees. Oh, and, of course, spreading the word about your new coffee shop business.

Just Love Coffee can help you manage the rest!

A Few Final Thoughts for your New Coffee Shop Business

When you begin a franchising journey with Just Love Coffee, you enter a warm, authentic family. We’re full of coffee lovers striving for positive change.

No matter where your coffee shop business in its growth cycle, from early start-up periods to years into the franchise relationship, support and advice are always available from your franchise support team.

Contact us to learn more about our truly special coffee shop franchise opportunities.

A coffee shop franchise opportunity to love

A coffee shop franchise opportunity to love

Ready to control your destiny as your own boss? Don’t let the challenges of recent economic uncertainties cool your passion to build your own business.

There’s never been a better time to leverage the power of a coffee franchise opportunity. More entrepreneurs like you are inquiring about food and restaurant franchises as we come out of our pandemic pessimism. And right now, fast casual concepts, including low cost coffee shop franchises, top the list of what interests entrepreneur-minded folks1.

Coffee shops – the destination of choice

Think of coffee as a daily necessity. People of all ages need their java jolt every day. Unlike typical daily-use commodities – like toothpaste or toilet paper – coffee drinkers  have an emotional relationship with their beverage of choice.

More than 83% of Americans drink coffee, according to the National Coffee Association. With more consumers joining the coffee culture, specialty coffee shops are on track to grow by nearly $81 billion for years to come2.

Here are a few insights into the potential future of your coffee shop franchise.

  • Coffee is the drink of choice for adults of all ages in the U.S.3
  • Committed coffee drinkers are in the 25 to 45 age category
  • Specialty coffee shops are the destination of choice for millennials
  • Younger consumers like to experiment with how they got their caffeine kick

That means tons of coffee consumed daily and plenty of growth opportunities with a business you can call your own.

Stand out from the rest of the java crowd

A Just Love coffee franchise opportunity offers you a way to enter the coffee culture scene and fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams.

Just Love showcases the art of coffee roasting in a family-friendly coffee shop setting. The café atmosphere is far removed from the stuffiness of traditional specialty coffee culture.

“You can’t have a name like Just Love and not be friendly,” says DJ Smith, Just Love Coffee Marketing Director. “Our brand has a friendly personality to it.”

Connect with your coffee scene and change your future

Now is the time to take advantage of today’s fragmented segment of the specialty coffee marketplace. Leave the big-box shops, like Starbucks and Dunkin’, to the masses. Go for the simple-to-operate, low-cost Just Love coffee shop franchise. It’s a business model that works across the landscape of urban hubs, village squares and local hangouts.

Here are reasons to believe now is the time for franchise ownership.

  • Real estate bargains are available in just about every community
  • Displaced restaurant employees are ready to get back to work in your new location
  • Historically attractive interest rates give you financing options that make a big difference in your overall investment

A Just Love Coffee franchise is easy to open, simple to operate and right-sized to scale. Plus, your initial investment costs fall well below many other coffee shop franchise opportunities.

Here’s a quick look at the Just Love numbers:

  • Total investment estimate – $323,100 and $497,000
  • Franchise fee – under $40,000
  • Gross sales projections – between $400,000 and $800,000
  • Ramp-up time to open – as little as 90 days

Based on FDD Item 7 start-up costs

Just Love Cafes offer all-day menus as well as the Just Love line of specialty coffees. Small kitchens give ample room to prepare our signature waffled sandwiches. That means simple to cook, fast to serve and a big advantage for return on investment.

How many people can you love on in a day?

The coffee landscape is changing. How will it affect your business plans?

You have an opportunity to convert almost every demographic of coffee drinker – from Gen Zs to the older crowd and everyone in between – into loyal customers.

When you become a franchise owner, you know your community and your customer base better than anyone. Use that advantage to build potential revenue streams. Or develop new sustainable ones that contribute to your bottom line and enhance the brand.

Spread the love in your community

Today, it’s as important as ever to express your commitment to your community. A strong social media presence gives you a clear path to spotlight your community involvement.

Look for franchisor support that adapts to changing times and customer needs. During the restaurant shutdown in 2020, Just Love Coffee founder, Rob Webb, led his franchise team through the crisis by sharing proceeds from eCommerce sales with local franchisees.

The JLC support team offered resources to local franchise owners to help them step up delivery and takeout services. Some owners even pivoted to direct-to-consumer sales of fresh foods and staples. Many donated food to community homeless shelters and food banks.

Regular video calls gave franchise owners a chance to ask questions and get support from team members to make it through the crisis.

Every effort made a big difference for those hit hard by the shutdown.

Ready to introduce a little love to your local coffee scene?

These days, you’ll find more coffee shop franchise opportunities opening up in small towns. An excellent roaster like Just Love Coffee is leading the coffee movement in towns like Spring Hill, Tennessee, Claremont, Florida, and Georgetown, Texas.

Just Love Coffee franchise opportunities are available in communities across the country. Find out what it takes to open a Just Love Coffee Eatery in your coffee-drinking and food-loving community.

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2 Business Wire,

3 Share of coffee drinking consumers in the United States in 2020, by age group, Statista,

Just Love Coffee is a cheap or low cost coffee shop franchise for 2024

Just Love Coffee is a cheap or low cost coffee shop franchise for 2024

Just Love Coffee Cafe is a low cost coffee franchise opportunity for those passionate about coffee and community

Just Love Coffee Cafe’s simple business model stands out in the competitive food space with low cost coffee shop franchise startup costs, a revenue-generating all-day menu and a strong community culture that begins at the top with company leaders passionate about adoption and nonprofit initiatives.

Entrepreneurs looking for an entry-point investment into the food industry are finding Just Love to be an attractive business model with the potential for high returns.

Low cost coffee shop franchise - cheap franchise opportunity for sale

Looking for a Low cost coffee shop franchise opportunity?

Coffee franchise opportunities

Just Love Coffee is primed for expansion in 2024 after the launch of 2 successful locations in Nashville and Brentwood, Tennessee, one of the hottest cities in the nation.

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Just Love Coffee is the Coffee Shop Franchise

Led by an executive team with proven experience in growing franchise systems, Just Love Coffee Cafe is an ideal investment for both new and experienced entrepreneurs who want to get in on the ground floor of the most exciting business opportunity in the Cafe family of franchisees,” says Rob Webb, CEO and founder of Just Love Coffee Cafe.

“We spent several years perfecting our business model before we launched our franchising efforts. There are more coffee drinkers in the U.S. than ever before and the appeal of a locally owned and family friendly coffee shop stands out among the trendy, hipster coffee shops that can sometimes alienate coffee lovers.”

Our simple business model and no full kitchen mean a potentially faster ROI

With a small footprint and low overhead, Just Love Coffee Cafe is simple to operate, easy to scale and offers a unique business model — all for a low franchise fee of just $39,000.

Even if it can’t be called the cheapest coffee franchise in 2024, our unique menu is inspired by the waffle iron, which means Just Love Coffee Cafe doesn’t require a full kitchen.

This translates into a cheaper coffee shop franchise cost than our competitors in the competitive coffee shop segment and provides investors with a faster ramp-up time, which allows for a potentially faster return on investment.

coffee franchise-profit with a differential menu

Cheap coffee shop franchise with a diverse type of locations

Just Love Coffee Cafe is the rare low cost Coffee shop franchise opportunity that works well in different locations, from more suburban settings to more densely populated urban areas near college campuses.

Our franchise owners find that Just Love Coffee Cafe succeeds equally well alongside other small businesses in a busy retail area like our Brentwood location or in the heart of a downtown district like our Nashville cheap coffee shop franchise, which is centrally located near legendary Music Row.

Our waffle-iron inspired menu inspires customers to share the Just Love experience on social media

Utilizing a small list of simple ingredients, Just Love Coffee Cafe has created one of the most unique and delicious menus in the low cost coffee franchise opportunities space by using a simple waffle iron to cook all hot entrees and desserts.

What do customers highlight about this low cost coffee franchise?

  • Food prep is minimal
  • Cooking is streamlined and food is served quickly, which all translates into higher customer satisfaction.
  • Customers enjoy the unique Just Love dining experience and can’t wait to upload pictures of their orders on social media, which builds brand recognition.

“There aren’t many coffee shops that offer an all-day food menu, and certainly none that I can think of that cooks their food in a waffle iron,” says DJ Smith, Marketing & Creative Director of Just Love Coffee Cafe. “It’s been successful for us.

Most importantly, our food creates a memorable experience for customers with any taste or dietary preference, from meat lover to vegetarian, at any time of day. It really makes us quite unique, light-hearted and approachable.”

Our family friendly culture attracts a broad range of customers

Just Love has a community centric culture that attracts people from many backgrounds. Drop by any Just Love location and you’ll find families enjoying breakfast, college students studying and business people meeting over coffee.

It’s no wonder that when they come to enjoy our hand-roasted coffee or one of our signature lattés they also want to stay for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

“The main difference between the experience that our customers receive in our coffee shops and what they might expect in a high-end coffee shop elsewhere is that we are actually there to make our customers happy,” says Rob Webb, CEO and founder of Just Love Coffee Cafe.

“Putting the customer first was a dynamic that was totally absent from the traditional specialty coffee shop space, and we felt compelled to change it. Coffee is for everyone.”

Ready to open a Just Love Low Cost Coffee Shop franchise?

When looking to buy a coffee shop franchise for sale in 2024, look out about in-depth details for Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise opportunity, download the free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our franchise research pages.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Open a Just Love Coffee Cafe Franchise

In this day and age, more and more people want to be their own boss. The idea of owning a business, especially in the restaurant and food industry, is very enticing to young entrepreneurs that want to be in charge of their lives. Potential business owners, whether they have experience or not, are finding Just Love Coffee to be an attractive franchise model.

The Just Love Coffee Experience

The first Just Love Coffee shop was opened in 2011 by the founder and CEO Rob Webb. Since then, the brand has kept growing and expanding as its popularity rises and more franchisees are getting onboard. Rob says, “Just Love Coffee Cafe is an ideal investment for both new and experienced entrepreneurs who want to get in on the ground floor of the most exciting business opportunity in the Cafe family of franchisees,” says Rob Webb, CEO, and founder of Just Love Coffee Cafe.

When starting a business from scratch, the owner has a lot of work to do from building brand recognition and advertising to figuring out the best daily routine to run the business efficiently. When partnering with a franchise, however, that groundwork has already been laid for them. The established business model created by the franchisor guides the new business owner so they can better enjoy the entrepreneurial lifestyle. According to Rob Webb, “We spent several years perfecting our business model before we launched our franchising efforts. There are more coffee drinkers in the U.S. than ever before and the appeal of a locally owned and family-friendly coffee shop stands out among the trendy, hipster coffee shops that can sometimes alienate coffee lovers.”

A Simple Franchise Model

With coffee being one of the fastest-growing segments of the food industry, there are many different business models out there. However, working with Just Love’s simple design will get any entrepreneur started on the right track. Just Love Coffee offers a simple, easy to operate, and unique business model that’s been tried, tested and perfected.

Something unique in the coffee shop industry that Just Love has taken advantage of is providing a full all-day menu to patrons. On top of the wonderful hand-roasted coffee blends and specialty beverages we offer, we give our customers the opportunity to enjoy a meal with their coffee. Utilizing a list of simple ingredients, Just Love Coffee has created one of the most unique and delicious menus that can be found in a coffee shop by using a simple waffle iron to cook the hot entrees and desserts. When the food preparation is minimal, cooking is streamlined and food is served quickly. 

Benefits of Franchising

Franchising with an established company is one of the most beneficial ways to start a business.

Instead of trying to figure out everything on their own, the franchisee can receive all the help and guidance they need to start and grow their business. Just Love Coffee works directly with franchisees so that they can always get the support they need.

Site Selection and Build-Out

Before opening a business, it’s important to have the right location. Our simple cafe design allows our franchisees to open in almost any space. In fact, a Just Love Coffee Cafe can function almost anywhere, from suburban areas to college campuses. To find the perfect locale, we will first analyze the area and community to determine the demographics and decide where the best place for the cafe would be. Next, we will negotiate the terms of the lease to give our franchisee the best possible deal.

Once we decide on the location, we will help the franchisee with the actual design and build-out. We can be involved in as much of the process as we are needed, whether that be recommending contractors to oversee the finished product. 

In-Person and Ongoing Training

Our headquarters are located in Murfreesboro, TN, and that is where we start training the newest franchisees. Our intensive training shows the franchisee everything they need to know about their new business from customer service to management.

Franchisees learn how to correctly pour and serve our entire array of specialty beverages. They also learn how to correctly cook, prepare, and serve everything on the food menu. They will learn the machinery, the sales process, and how to hire and train baristas who will not only serve the business well but will also forge meaningful connections with your customers.

We will also continually train business owners on how to market their new businesses correctly. We guide our franchisees through the process of marketing on the internet, social media, and even traditional platforms that will help them spread the word about the cafe.

Ready To Open A Just Love Coffee Cafe Franchise?

If you want to own your own business, have a desire to serve people, and you love coffee, then don’t wait any longer to get started on opening your own Just Love Coffee Franchise. You won’t be just joining an established company, you’ll be joining a growing family of entrepreneurs.

Why an Entrepreneur Opened a Just Love Coffee Franchise instead of Going it Alone

Why an Entrepreneur Opened a Just Love Coffee Franchise instead of Going it Alone

Innovative coffee franchise continues to expand national footprint as community-minded entrepreneurs fall in love with the concept

Many people come to Nashville, Tennessee, looking to jumpstart their careers as songwriters on Music Row, but Dee Chernicky came for the coffee.

An experienced entrepreneur based in Northwest Florida, Chernicky was thinking about opening an independent coffee shop in her community when she decided to investigate the buzzy Nashville coffee scene for ideas. It didn’t take her long to discover Just Love Coffee franchise – and before she knew it, she fell in love.

Just Love Coffee franchise owner in front of her Destin location

It’s easy to see why. Just Love Coffee franchise is the perfect business for community-minded entrepreneurs who want to serve exceptional coffee, an innovative full daypart menu cooked on a waffle iron and give people a place to gather, enjoy, work and relax – day-in and day-out.

Cherniky just celebrated the grand opening of her first Just Love Franchise location in Destin, Florida, and her local newspaper, The Destin Log was on hand to cover the event. Here are some highlights from the article:

Customers poured into the bright, open-concept cafe early opening morning to get a taste of the franchise’s two main offerings, coffee and waffles. Dee Chernicky, former owner of Shake’s Frozen Custard in Destin, opened Just Love after seeing a need for larger coffee shops in the area for meetings and small gatherings.

Chernicky, whose son owns Tango 3 Coffee Company in Niceville, said it was while on a trip to Nashville to learn about the area’s coffee shops that she stumbled upon the Just Love Coffee franchise. A local pastor, Chernicky then decided to ditch the idea of an independent cafe and move forward with starting Just Love in Northwest Florida.

“Just Love Coffee is an upscale coffee cafe with a stage so we can have live music,” Chernicky said. “The atmosphere is really nice. It’s 3,600 square feet and inside and out we can seat 110 to 120.

“It’s the Christian lifestyle that we are about,” she continued. “We’ll have open mic night and Bible trivia.”

Just Love Coffee is unlike anything else in the booming coffee shop segment

Founded in 2009 as an online coffee service to help raise funds for families seeking to adopt children, Just Love Coffee Cafe has blossomed into a franchise concept with multiple locations open in the fast growing metropolitan area of Nashville, Tennessee. Led by an executive team with proven experience in growing franchise systems, Just Love Coffee Cafe is an opportunity for first-time and experienced entrepreneurs, as well as savvy investors to get in on the ground floor of the most exciting investment opportunity in the $12 billion U.S. coffee shop industry.

“Just Love Coffee & Eatery is truly unlike other coffee shop experiences on the market today,” says Robb Webb, CEO and founder of Just Love Coffee. “Most coffee shops are directed toward the connoisseurs, while Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have a product for the masses. We fill the niche that is somewhere in the middle, which is currently wide open and needs some disruption. Our coffee can satisfy the elitist of coffee connoisseurs — we can tell them the story of how we source the beans, how we only buy fair trade coffee through reputable third market vendors and how we then roast our beans by hand — but our customer service can satisfy the person whose preference is a cup of Folgers. There’s so much room to grow, as far as the market, that I really see Just Love Coffee Cafe taking off this year and beyond. We hope to be in hundreds of communities in the coming years because we know that there is a wide open space for us to succeed.”

Ready to bring a Just Love Coffee to your community?

For in-depth details about the Just Love Coffee franchise opportunity, download the free franchise report. You also can learn more by visiting our franchise research pages.

Just Love Coffee Franchise Near Nashville Sets Records During Opening Week

Just Love Coffee Franchise Near Nashville Sets Records During Opening Week

Underserved breakfast market and desire for community hub and hangout convert curious crowds into steady customers for thriving brand

coffee cup latte art

Just Love Coffee franchises continue to open around the United States, each bringing an exciting new concept to the community and creating a solid business for the franchise owner.

A prime example is the recently opened Just Love location in Spring Hill, TN, just south of booming Nashville. Franchise owner Thomas Scott, who also has locations in nearby Brentwood and just off Nashville’s Music Row, says that Just Love has boundless potential in both new and existing markets, which is why he remains bullish on the brand.

Capturing an underserved market

“I’m someone who has always been passionate about coffee, and so I watched closely as Starbucks was creating a café culture in America,” Scott says. “It was a community place to take a break, but they were a victim of their own success. Soon going there was anything but relaxing; it was just a convenient place to grab coffee, get in and out. That left a huge market of people, those who wanted a place to spend time, underserved.”

And, he adds, “A lot of those people want to eat. They don’t just want pastries, but an actual meal. Breakfast and morning are the most underserved day-parts of the food business, and so I knew Just Love was onto something with its menu. People want a place where they know they can get great coffee and food. When they find it, they get in the habit of going there. I’ve been able to build a base at my other two locations and knew Spring Hill would be the same.”

Quality roasts, brewing equipment add appeal

At the same time, Just Love franchise owners also benefit from high-quality roasts as well as the best equipment for coffee preparation. That matters to Scott, a self-described “coffee geek,” as well as his customers.

“Just Love is coffee that’s not watered down or mass-produced,” he says. “We use the same equipment you’d see in any trendy, high-end coffee shop in Manhattan or Los Angeles. We use amazing, fair-trade organic coffee and our roaster is a three-time finalist for Roast magazine’s Roaster of the Year. You get that level of quality, and you get it in a fun, non-judgmental place where you can have your coffee any way you want it. And because it’s an affordable business with a well-designed layout that stays busy all day long and works well in both urban and suburban environments, it was attractive to me.”

After explosive growth throughout Middle Tennessee, Just Love Coffee is primed for national expansion. Led by an executive team with proven experience in growing franchise systems, Just Love Coffee is an ideal investment for both new and experienced entrepreneurs who want to get in on the ground floor of the most exciting business opportunity in the $12 billion U.S. coffee shop industry.

Ready to open a Just Love Coffee franchise?

For in-depth details about the Just Love Coffee franchise opportunity, download the free franchise report. You also can learn more by visiting our franchise research pages.