What To Expect When Owning A Coffee Shop Business

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Moving from customer to a coffee shop business franchise owner is a huge but rewarding change. As with any industry, there are some exciting and often surprising quirks.

It’s not all coffee beans and fancy latte art!

In fact, much of the work will be done through the people around you. This includes customers and your “bean team” of hard-working employees. Crafting friendly relationships with both is a crucial element of running a coffee shop.

Ready to dive into some intriguing insider tips around being a coffee shop franchisee?

Great! You’ll learn more about employee-franchisee relationships, what goes into a day’s work, and more.

Is Owning a Coffee Shop Business a Hands-Off Experience?

In short? Not at all. Owning a coffee shop business is usually a hands-on experience, no matter the size of the coffee shop.

You’ll likely have well-trained staff to help you. But being a coffee shop franchisee isn’t all about you sitting back and drinking a delicious coffee while your team works.

More often than not, you’ll find yourself on the frontlines.

This means you’ll be side-by-side with your bean team, creating and serving authentic coffees to your happy customers.

Marketing should also be a focus. The ideal coffee shop franchisee is an individual who loves engaging with people for two key reasons. First, so customers always feel welcome and second, to energetically market your new coffee shop business.

Feeling a bit daunted? Don’t worry. Joining the Just Love Coffee family means you’ll receive all the training you need.

What Type of Relationship Can I Expect to Have with my Coffee Shop Employees?

Running a Just Love Coffee location means you’re creating a budding bean team family. With around 16-20 employees needed at launch, it’s unlike some larger, more corporate coffee shop franchises.

Having productive and supportive relationships with your employees is important. It can do wonders for your coffee shop business’ growth. At the end of the day, they’ll be the backbone of your coffee shop franchise.

To take some of the pressure off you, your employees benefit from all the training materials provided to you by your franchisor, so you can train them effectively and focus on building those strong relationships with your bean team.

It would be surprising to find a warm, friendly coffee shop where the owner does not have a close relationship with their employees.

What Support Will I Receive From My Franchisor?

Once you are awarded a Just Love Coffee franchise, you join a supportive environment that’s focused on making coffee with love and making changes in the world.

As such, it won’t surprise you to hear that Just Love Coffee supports their franchisees every step of the way.

Valuable training and coaching will guide you through your coffee shop journey. Support you can expect from Just Love Coffee includes:

  • Coaching: There is ongoing support around daily business operations, preparing and serving Just Love Coffee products, marketing through social media, and much more.
  • Initial Training: Before you begin your coffee shop business journey, you’ll learn a lot. Topics include advice on site selection, lease negotiation, store build-out and more.
  • Ongoing Training: Just Love Coffee franchise uniquely prefers to bring on eager-to-learn owners and baristas, even if they don’t have prior experience in the coffee industry. Continuous training covers friendly customer service as well as artisan coffee-making skills as well as general business best practices.

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How Big Will My Coffee Shop Business Be?

This is an interesting question to unpack. We’ve already covered the approximate size of your bean team (16-20 employees). But what about the actual size of your Just Love coffee shop business?

Well, Just Love Coffee is unique, in the fact that you’ll use waffle irons to prepare all the food. Sound intriguing? It means that there’s no need for a large, industrial kitchen.

Instead, you can have a small-scale operation, around 2,000 square feet in size, that still serves both food and coffee.

The approachable atmosphere and hand-roasted coffee are likely to attract crowds of customers. Even if your location is small, your Just Love Coffee location could quickly become a community hub.

To keep things short and sweet: your coffee shop business may appear to be physically small, but your customer base has enormous growth potential.

Will I Be Working with Lots of Different Customers?

This question can have several answers. While you can be in an excellent position to increase your customer base, there can be much more to owning a coffee shop business.

Just Love Coffee isn’t another super-size chain. Your coffee shop will be on track to become the center of your community. Local fundraisers, events, and even concerts could take place in your coffee shop.

You’ll also probably find it’s about more than the delicious coffee: customers will come back for the charming smiles of your bean team and the friendships they share over a latte or our waffled cinnamon rolls.

Hopefully, you’ll be seeing a lot of different customers as they discover your coffee shop. At the same time, you’ll probably be delighted to see familiar faces and their families walk back through the doors.

Will I Have to Develop My Own Brand?

Luckily, creating your own brand is not on the list of tasks you need to do when owning a franchised coffee shop location.

You will, of course, need to market your coffee shop. Just Love Coffee has a readymade brand for you that many customers know, love and trust, and plenty of developed materials and local marketing ideas you can leverage in your area.

Worried about carving out your own identity? No need. It’s easy to step into a Just Love Coffee shop. Think casual, local, and comfortable. Invite your customers in with open arms and consider everyone a part of your Just Love Coffee family.

This is a unique benefit of coffee shop franchises. You won’t find the same experience if you open up your own independent coffee shop.

As a franchisee, your franchisor lifts a lot of weight from your shoulders so you can focus on making superior products and engaging your customers and employees. Oh, and, of course, spreading the word about your new coffee shop business.

Just Love Coffee can help you manage the rest!

A Few Final Thoughts for your New Coffee Shop Business

When you begin a franchising journey with Just Love Coffee, you enter a warm, authentic family. We’re full of coffee lovers striving for positive change.

No matter where your coffee shop business in its growth cycle, from early start-up periods to years into the franchise relationship, support and advice are always available from your franchise support team.

Contact us to learn more about our truly special coffee shop franchise opportunities.

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