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Coffee Shops are Big Business

Coffee Franchise Opportunities in USA

Americans are drinking more coffee than ever before and spending more time at coffee shops than ever before.

Coffee shops represent the fastest growing segment in the food service industry and coffee is one of the most popular beverages both in U.S. and abroad.

  • Americans drink about 400 million cups of coffee every day
  • 48% of millennials consume gourmet coffee
  • Over 30 million Americans drink specialty coffee daily
  • Global coffee consumption is expected to grow 33% by 2030

With a small footprint, low overhead and limited staff (5-6 at launch), Just Love Coffee Cafe is simple to operate, easy to scale and has a business model that is unique in the $84 billion U.S. Coffee Franchise Opportunities in USA market

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Just Love’s Competitive Advantage

In addition to offering a wide variety of hand roasted coffee blends and specialty beverages, many of which have been developed in-house, franchise owners get to take advantage of a full all-day menu.

This provides an additional revenue stream that is unique in the specialty coffee shop segment and can potentially increase the return on investment.

Plus, cooking on a waffle iron means that there is no need for a full kitchen and a full kitchen staff. This reduces overhead and the need for a large footprint, which can potentially increase profitability.

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The Ideal Franchisee

Just Love Coffee Cafe is seeking owner-operators or savvy investors who are interested in becoming a meaningful part of their communities.

Attributes of an ideal franchisee include:

  • Loves people
  • An extrovert
  • Community minded
  • A desire to give back
  • $100,000 in liquid capital
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