There’s Never Been a Better Time to Open a Just Love Coffee Cafe Franchise

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In this day and age, more and more people want to be their own boss. The idea of owning a business, especially in the restaurant and food industry, is very enticing to young entrepreneurs that want to be in charge of their lives. Potential business owners, whether they have experience or not, are finding Just Love Coffee to be an attractive franchise model.

The Just Love Coffee Experience

The first Just Love Coffee shop was opened in 2011 by the founder and CEO Rob Webb. Since then, the brand has kept growing and expanding as its popularity rises and more franchisees are getting onboard. Rob says, “Just Love Coffee Cafe is an ideal investment for both new and experienced entrepreneurs who want to get in on the ground floor of the most exciting business opportunity in the Cafe family of franchisees,” says Rob Webb, CEO, and founder of Just Love Coffee Cafe.

When starting a business from scratch, the owner has a lot of work to do from building brand recognition and advertising to figuring out the best daily routine to run the business efficiently. When partnering with a franchise, however, that groundwork has already been laid for them. The established business model created by the franchisor guides the new business owner so they can better enjoy the entrepreneurial lifestyle. According to Rob Webb, “We spent several years perfecting our business model before we launched our franchising efforts. There are more coffee drinkers in the U.S. than ever before and the appeal of a locally owned and family-friendly coffee shop stands out among the trendy, hipster coffee shops that can sometimes alienate coffee lovers.”

A Simple Franchise Model

With coffee being one of the fastest-growing segments of the food industry, there are many different business models out there. However, working with Just Love’s simple design will get any entrepreneur started on the right track. Just Love Coffee offers a simple, easy to operate, and unique business model that’s been tried, tested and perfected.

Something unique in the coffee shop industry that Just Love has taken advantage of is providing a full all-day menu to patrons. On top of the wonderful hand-roasted coffee blends and specialty beverages we offer, we give our customers the opportunity to enjoy a meal with their coffee. Utilizing a list of simple ingredients, Just Love Coffee has created one of the most unique and delicious menus that can be found in a coffee shop by using a simple waffle iron to cook the hot entrees and desserts. When the food preparation is minimal, cooking is streamlined and food is served quickly. 

Benefits of Franchising

Franchising with an established company is one of the most beneficial ways to start a business.

Instead of trying to figure out everything on their own, the franchisee can receive all the help and guidance they need to start and grow their business. Just Love Coffee works directly with franchisees so that they can always get the support they need.

Site Selection and Build-Out

Before opening a business, it’s important to have the right location. Our simple cafe design allows our franchisees to open in almost any space. In fact, a Just Love Coffee Cafe can function almost anywhere, from suburban areas to college campuses. To find the perfect locale, we will first analyze the area and community to determine the demographics and decide where the best place for the cafe would be. Next, we will negotiate the terms of the lease to give our franchisee the best possible deal.

Once we decide on the location, we will help the franchisee with the actual design and build-out. We can be involved in as much of the process as we are needed, whether that be recommending contractors to oversee the finished product. 

In-Person and Ongoing Training

Our headquarters are located in Murfreesboro, TN, and that is where we start training the newest franchisees. Our intensive training shows the franchisee everything they need to know about their new business from customer service to management.

Franchisees learn how to correctly pour and serve our entire array of specialty beverages. They also learn how to correctly cook, prepare, and serve everything on the food menu. They will learn the machinery, the sales process, and how to hire and train baristas who will not only serve the business well but will also forge meaningful connections with your customers.

We will also continually train business owners on how to market their new businesses correctly. We guide our franchisees through the process of marketing on the internet, social media, and even traditional platforms that will help them spread the word about the cafe.

Ready To Open A Just Love Coffee Cafe Franchise?

If you want to own your own business, have a desire to serve people, and you love coffee, then don’t wait any longer to get started on opening your own Just Love Coffee Franchise. You won’t be just joining an established company, you’ll be joining a growing family of entrepreneurs.

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