Meet the Management Team

Just Love Coffee Cafe is led by a management team with decades of proven experience in growing franchise systems

Rob Webb

Rob Webb, Founder

Rob Webb started his career in 1996 working as an audio engineer and producer in Nashville, Tennessee. In 2003 he left the music business to go into the family business. After five years of successfully growing the business, he dreamt the idea getting the best of Just Love Coffee Franchise

It began when Rob and Emily Webb made the decision to adopt. They already had two beautiful kids, Isabel and Charlie, however, the call to adopt was strong for the pair and in 2009 Rob was on a flight to Ethiopia. Little was Rob to know that this event was to change not just his life and the lives of his two newly adopted children Tigist and Amelie, but also those of countless other people. For Rob had one of those inspirational ideas—a true light bulb moment—as he added up the expense of the adoption trip and learned of the sacrifice and challenges of people in the same situation.

What if he were to set up a hand roasting business as a for-profit venture that existed to help others—one that took the customers into a form of social partnership? A simple idea but, like all great thoughts, one that was to have enormous power. In essence, Rob decided to start a business dedicated to using hand-roasted coffees to help others whose passion was to … well, just love.

Rob began his venture by converting an 800-square foot space in which they installed a small roaster, developed a few roasting profiles, set up a simple e-commerce storefront, put the word out on Facebook, and then waited.

It was a success! The orders started arriving requiring family and friends to be brought in to help with packing and posting. Just Love Coffee Roasters, a for-profit venture dedicated to giving away a portion of its profits, was born!

In 2011 he opened the first coffee shop. Then in 2014, after developing a unique food program, he added three additional stores.

just love coffee franchise

Alan Thompson, President

Alan began his career in 1985 as a Sales and Marketing Manager for Lewis and Davis, a real estate investment partnership. He managed the sales and marketing for numerous investment properties in several states, and he sold approximately $12 million worth of investment real estate property through 1991. Since then, Alan has been an entrepreneur in the restaurant industry and has been successful in the development and operation of numerous ventures.

He has a proven ability to market products, enlist productive management teams and sustain high revenues within his restaurants.


Kevin Bauerle, Director of Franchise Development

Kevin has been an entrepreneur, business owner, and consultant for the past 20 years. Specializing in sales and business development, Kevin has a strong passion for personal growth and improvement; you’ll often find him attending seminars, reading business books, or listening to motivational speakers. Kevin’s areas of expertise span multiple sectors including restaurant, real-estate investing, franchisee development, corporate franchising, franchise sales, executive recruiting, and marketing and sales training. From 2008-2016 Kevin served as the Director of Sales for Gigi’s Franchising assisting in growing the brand from 27 locations to 115.  Residing in Spring Hill, Tennessee, Kevin enjoys time with his three daughters, listening and making music, Oregon Football, and volunteering his time with initiatives such as Girl Scouts, Responsibility Foundations, and helping raise money for various non-profit groups.


DJ Smith, Marketing & Creative Director

Having worked in the marketing and creative services sector for over 20 years, DJ serves as the brand’s Keeper of the Bean Talk (aka marketing and creative director). On any given day, you’ll find him developing marketing strategies for our various brand segments, developing creative pieces to support online and offline promotions, working with our franchise owners and managers for local store marketing initiatives, and engaging with customers through various social media channels and in-store opportunities whenever possible. Before joining the Just Love team, DJ was managing partner and creative director for Talstone Group, a firm he founded in 2004.  When not working, you’ll find DJ enjoying time with his wife and two sons, volunteering and hiking with his sons’ local Trail Life USA troop, or actively participating in volunteer efforts through his local church.

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