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Ready to control your destiny as your own boss? Don’t let the challenges of recent economic uncertainties cool your passion to build your own business.

There’s never been a better time to leverage the power of a coffee franchise opportunity. More entrepreneurs like you are inquiring about food and restaurant franchises as we come out of our pandemic pessimism. And right now, fast casual concepts, including low cost coffee shop franchises, top the list of what interests entrepreneur-minded folks1.

Coffee shops – the destination of choice

Think of coffee as a daily necessity. People of all ages need their java jolt every day. Unlike typical daily-use commodities – like toothpaste or toilet paper – coffee drinkers  have an emotional relationship with their beverage of choice.

More than 83% of Americans drink coffee, according to the National Coffee Association. With more consumers joining the coffee culture, specialty coffee shops are on track to grow by nearly $81 billion for years to come2.

Here are a few insights into the potential future of your coffee shop franchise.

  • Coffee is the drink of choice for adults of all ages in the U.S.3
  • Committed coffee drinkers are in the 25 to 45 age category
  • Specialty coffee shops are the destination of choice for millennials
  • Younger consumers like to experiment with how they got their caffeine kick

That means tons of coffee consumed daily and plenty of growth opportunities with a business you can call your own.

Stand out from the rest of the java crowd

A Just Love coffee franchise opportunity offers you a way to enter the coffee culture scene and fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams.

Just Love showcases the art of coffee roasting in a family-friendly coffee shop setting. The café atmosphere is far removed from the stuffiness of traditional specialty coffee culture.

“You can’t have a name like Just Love and not be friendly,” says DJ Smith, Just Love Coffee Marketing Director. “Our brand has a friendly personality to it.”

Connect with your coffee scene and change your future

Now is the time to take advantage of today’s fragmented segment of the specialty coffee marketplace. Leave the big-box shops, like Starbucks and Dunkin’, to the masses. Go for the simple-to-operate, low-cost Just Love coffee shop franchise. It’s a business model that works across the landscape of urban hubs, village squares and local hangouts.

Here are reasons to believe now is the time for franchise ownership.

  • Real estate bargains are available in just about every community
  • Displaced restaurant employees are ready to get back to work in your new location
  • Historically attractive interest rates give you financing options that make a big difference in your overall investment

A Just Love Coffee franchise is easy to open, simple to operate and right-sized to scale. Plus, your initial investment costs fall well below many other coffee shop franchise opportunities.

Here’s a quick look at the Just Love numbers:

  • Total investment estimate – $323,100 and $497,000
  • Franchise fee – under $40,000
  • Gross sales projections – between $400,000 and $800,000
  • Ramp-up time to open – as little as 90 days

Based on FDD Item 7 start-up costs

Just Love Cafes offer all-day menus as well as the Just Love line of specialty coffees. Small kitchens give ample room to prepare our signature waffled sandwiches. That means simple to cook, fast to serve and a big advantage for return on investment.

How many people can you love on in a day?

The coffee landscape is changing. How will it affect your business plans?

You have an opportunity to convert almost every demographic of coffee drinker – from Gen Zs to the older crowd and everyone in between – into loyal customers.

When you become a franchise owner, you know your community and your customer base better than anyone. Use that advantage to build potential revenue streams. Or develop new sustainable ones that contribute to your bottom line and enhance the brand.

Spread the love in your community

Today, it’s as important as ever to express your commitment to your community. A strong social media presence gives you a clear path to spotlight your community involvement.

Look for franchisor support that adapts to changing times and customer needs. During the restaurant shutdown in 2020, Just Love Coffee founder, Rob Webb, led his franchise team through the crisis by sharing proceeds from eCommerce sales with local franchisees.

The JLC support team offered resources to local franchise owners to help them step up delivery and takeout services. Some owners even pivoted to direct-to-consumer sales of fresh foods and staples. Many donated food to community homeless shelters and food banks.

Regular video calls gave franchise owners a chance to ask questions and get support from team members to make it through the crisis.

Every effort made a big difference for those hit hard by the shutdown.

Ready to introduce a little love to your local coffee scene?

These days, you’ll find more coffee shop franchise opportunities opening up in small towns. An excellent roaster like Just Love Coffee is leading the coffee movement in towns like Spring Hill, Tennessee, Claremont, Florida, and Georgetown, Texas.

Just Love Coffee franchise opportunities are available in communities across the country. Find out what it takes to open a Just Love Coffee Eatery in your coffee-drinking and food-loving community.

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3 Share of coffee drinking consumers in the United States in 2020, by age group, Statista,  https://www.statista.com/statistics/250091/coffee-drinking-consumers-in-the-us-by-age-group-2010.

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