Just Love Coffee is a cheap or low cost coffee shop franchise for 2023

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Just Love Coffee Cafe is a low cost coffee franchise opportunity for those passionate about coffee and community

Just Love Coffee Cafe’s simple business model stands out in the competitive food space with low cost coffee shop franchise startup costs, a revenue-generating all-day menu and a strong community culture that begins at the top with company leaders passionate about adoption and nonprofit initiatives.

Entrepreneurs looking for an entry-point investment into the food industry are finding Just Love to be an attractive business model with the potential for high returns.

Low cost coffee shop franchise - cheap franchise opportunity for sale

Looking for a Low cost coffee shop franchise opportunity?

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Just Love Coffee is primed for expansion in 2023 after the launch of 2 successful locations in Nashville and Brentwood, Tennessee, one of the hottest cities in the nation.

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Just Love Coffee is the Coffee Shop Franchise

Led by an executive team with proven experience in growing franchise systems, Just Love Coffee Cafe is an ideal investment for both new and experienced entrepreneurs who want to get in on the ground floor of the most exciting business opportunity in the Cafe family of franchisees,” says Rob Webb, CEO and founder of Just Love Coffee Cafe.

“We spent several years perfecting our business model before we launched our franchising efforts. There are more coffee drinkers in the U.S. than ever before and the appeal of a locally owned and family friendly coffee shop stands out among the trendy, hipster coffee shops that can sometimes alienate coffee lovers.”

Our simple business model and no full kitchen mean a potentially faster ROI

With a small footprint and low overhead, Just Love Coffee Cafe is simple to operate, easy to scale and offers a unique business model — all for a low franchise fee of just $39,000.

Even if it can’t be called the cheapest coffee franchise in 2023, our unique menu is inspired by the waffle iron, which means Just Love Coffee Cafe doesn’t require a full kitchen.

This translates into a cheaper coffee shop franchise cost than our competitors in the competitive coffee shop segment and provides investors with a faster ramp-up time, which allows for a potentially faster return on investment.

coffee franchise-profit with a differential menu

Cheap coffee shop franchise with a diverse type of locations

Just Love Coffee Cafe is the rare low cost Coffee shop franchise opportunity that works well in different locations, from more suburban settings to more densely populated urban areas near college campuses.

Our franchise owners find that Just Love Coffee Cafe succeeds equally well alongside other small businesses in a busy retail area like our Brentwood location or in the heart of a downtown district like our Nashville cheap coffee shop franchise, which is centrally located near legendary Music Row.

Our waffle-iron inspired menu inspires customers to share the Just Love experience on social media

Utilizing a small list of simple ingredients, Just Love Coffee Cafe has created one of the most unique and delicious menus in the low cost coffee franchise opportunities space by using a simple waffle iron to cook all hot entrees and desserts.

What do customers highlight about this low cost coffee franchise?

  • Food prep is minimal
  • Cooking is streamlined and food is served quickly, which all translates into higher customer satisfaction.
  • Customers enjoy the unique Just Love dining experience and can’t wait to upload pictures of their orders on social media, which builds brand recognition.

“There aren’t many coffee shops that offer an all-day food menu, and certainly none that I can think of that cooks their food in a waffle iron,” says DJ Smith, Marketing & Creative Director of Just Love Coffee Cafe. “It’s been successful for us.

Most importantly, our food creates a memorable experience for customers with any taste or dietary preference, from meat lover to vegetarian, at any time of day. It really makes us quite unique, light-hearted and approachable.”

Our family friendly culture attracts a broad range of customers

Just Love has a community centric culture that attracts people from many backgrounds. Drop by any Just Love location and you’ll find families enjoying breakfast, college students studying and business people meeting over coffee.

It’s no wonder that when they come to enjoy our hand-roasted coffee or one of our signature lattés they also want to stay for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

“The main difference between the experience that our customers receive in our coffee shops and what they might expect in a high-end coffee shop elsewhere is that we are actually there to make our customers happy,” says Rob Webb, CEO and founder of Just Love Coffee Cafe.

“Putting the customer first was a dynamic that was totally absent from the traditional specialty coffee shop space, and we felt compelled to change it. Coffee is for everyone.”

Ready to open a Just Love Low Cost Coffee Shop franchise?

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