How Big Is the Demand for New Coffee Shops?

Just Love Coffee Cafe is the first perfect blend of specialty coffee and a cozy, community-focused coffee shop

Coffee shops are big business — and with USA Today reporting that 83% of Americans over the age of 18 identify as coffee drinkers, it’s easy to see why the U.S. coffee shop industry generates $12 billion annually.

According to E-Imports Espresso Business Solutions, there are 24,000 traditional coffee shops in the U.S., and that number is expected to reach over 50,000 in the coming years.

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Why are coffee shops so important to our daily lives?

While it is a certainty that more Americans are drinking more coffee than ever before, it is also true that we’re spending more time at coffee shops than ever before. The Atlantic rightly points out that coffee shops are places where people can socialize, study, work or just relax at their own pace: “a place where customers can set their own rules.”

“Coffee houses have a long tradition in American society as a place where people could meet and discuss ideas or just enjoy each other’s company,” The Atlantic reports in an article titled, “The Social Dynamics of Coffee Shops.” “They were the Facebook of an earlier generation. But in the 1990s, their role (and number) expanded greatly. While some patrons still do socialize at their local coffee shops, many do not and use them as a third place — not quite home and not quite work, but with elements of both.”

If coffee shops are not only where we choose to socialize and unwind, but they also take on more importance as the interim place between work and home, finding a comfortable one is absolutely a must for many of us.

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While all of us have unique preferences, USA Today identifies a few universal rules that any good coffee shop should have in an article titled, “Top 20 Coffee Shops in America”:

Just Love Coffee Cafe “A truly great coffee shop has to feel special: some are like a cozy home away from home; others ideally sparse, like a clean blank slate in which you can revitalize. A place to recharge with a good book and a steaming drink or to chat up a friend over that perfect pastry you’re definitely going to stop eating after one more bite. The best spots have a bit of magic to them: ambiance with no pretense, friendly baristas, and of course, delicious coffee. Choosing your perfect shop takes time and patience, but once you’ve found it, you’re set for life.”

This is exactly what Just Love Coffee Cafe has set out to do — become the rare name brand that stays true to its roots, is strengthened by the feeling of community and of course, has the best coffee that can be found anywhere.


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The Amazing potential of the Coffee Franchise industry

Learn about the coffee cafe industry and what sets us apart from the competition

The growing popularity of specialty coffee and how Just Love Coffee Cafe is getting it right

JLC MurfreesboroWest 1 1While Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts greatly expanded the role and scope of traditional coffee shops by introducing specialty beverages and unique coffee blends to the mainstream public, U.S. coffee drinkers have begun turning away from the most known coffee franchise brands and are eager to try brands that are local and community-minded, and most importantly, creating exceptional coffee.

“Coffee displays all the characteristics one associates with a true commodity: it is liquid, price transparent and fungible,” writes Michael L. Vellucci, in an article titled, “The Continued Rise of Premium Coffee in the U.S.: Will It De-Commoditize Coffee?,” published by Brown Brothers Harriman. “However, U.S. consumers have developed a more discerning palate when it comes to higher value, specialty foods, and in keeping with this trend, upscale coffee has proliferated.”

As a finalist for the prestigious Roast magazine’s Roaster of the Year award for several consecutive years, Just Love Coffee Cafe makes some of the finest tasting coffee in the nation. Just Love Coffee Cafe purchases only sustainable coffees that are legitimately sourced from farmers around the world. All of our coffee blends are roasted by hand at our facility in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

JLC-MurfreesboroWest-3“We take the art of making coffee incredibly seriously,” says Jason, Head Coffee Roaster with Just Love Coffee Cafe. “We take pains to ensure that we’re getting the finest beans from around the world, and we ensure that we can source every single bean that we buy. Roasting coffee is a difficult process, which is why there is such a huge demand for specialty coffee: the taste is far more unique than what you can find in a standard QSR restaurant or even at the bigger coffee chains. We vary it up as well — by offering up to twenty different roasts, six of which are blends, at a time to appeal to the unique tastes of customers. We offer seasonal beans, create recipes for speciality drinks on our own and we strive to keep ahead of the trends. We want to ensure that our franchise owners have the coffee that is not only relevant to the tastebuds of their customers but is also relevant to their interests as well: free trade, sustainable and sourced.”

Just Love Coffee Cafe is creating a different kind of coffee shop experience

Specialty coffee culture can have its drawbacks with too much focus on the coffee and not enough on the customer.

Just Love Coffee Cafe wanted to address that trend head on.

“We learned very quickly not to hire trained baristas,” when opening a coffee shop Rob says. “It’s so much easier to hire a person who is naturally friendly and willing to please than it is to hire someone whose experience is in a field with an unfortunate reputation for pretension.

We want the customer to come first, and so part of our training process is not limited to how to correctly pour a cup of coffee or make a cup of espresso. We want our baristas to be educators — ambassadors for good coffee.”

When a customer walks into a Just Love Coffee Cafe, they are meant to feel welcomed and are encouraged to stay. While the shop is spacious enough for people to spread out, it is designed so that a small footprint can feel both open or cozy, depending on the needs of our customers. There’s a full coffee bar, booths meant for quiet reading or intimate conversations, and arcade games for adults and kids alike.


Just Love Coffee Cafe also offers a full breakfast and lunch menu. Utilizing a small list of simple ingredients, Just Love Coffee Cafe has created one of the most unique and delicious all day menus in the coffee shop space by employing a waffle iron instead of a full-service kitchen. The appeal of the waffle iron is threefold: 1) franchise owners have a smaller footprint and lower overhead; 2) food is simple to cook and fast to serve; and 3) customers are treated to a playful, delicious experience that is memorable and a natural fit for social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. PlainJane

“It was incredibly important for us that Just Love Coffee Cafe was a family friendly environment,” Rob says. “The diversity of our customers is not what you will find at a traditional specialty coffee shop. We encourage people to bring their children, and we welcome students and coffee fanatics who want to chat with our baristas. It’s a community, which is exactly what a good coffee shop should feel like.”

Ready to open a Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise in your community?

Just Love Coffee Cafe is a lower-cost investment opportunity with potential for high returns. Because our build-out costs are lower than other brands in the coffee shop segment, Just Love Coffee Cafe offers a quicker ramp-up time, which allows for a potentially faster return on investment.

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The Amazing potential of the Coffee Franchise industry

Learn about the coffee cafe industry and what sets us apart from the competition