Why Do Our Customers Love Us?

Just Love Coffee Cafe creates a welcoming environment with high quality coffee, affordable food and exceptional customer service

Being that 83% of adult Americans are daily coffee drinkers, finding the local coffee shop that feels local is a must for many of us. Just Love Coffee Cafe is the type of welcoming environment that creates regulars as soon as they walk through our doors. It isn’t surprising to see students working on their laptops, coffee fanatics chatting with our friendly and knowledgeable baristas at the bar and parents chatting with each other while their children play a classic arcade game. Just Love Coffee Cafe is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable baristas who are just as excited to educate people on our specialty coffee as they are to talk about your day. Our playful breakfast and lunch menus have a wide variety of options to satisfy the meat lover and the vegetarian alike.


Our ability to create a sense of community, while meeting the individual needs of our customers, is what sets Just Love Coffee Cafe apart from other coffee shop franchise concepts. Here is what our customers have to say about why they love Just Love Coffee Cafe:

“I love Just Love Coffee Roasters! I come here for the coffee and the breakfast, but I also venture here to relax. I love the chill atmosphere here. Whether it’s a relaxing Saturday morning, a quick run before work, or a pick up for the latest blend we always have a great experience and great service. One person even took the time to talk to us about cold brew and the best grind to do for [it] at home. I don’t know what it is, if it’s the coffee or some pixie dust magic; but the cappuccino is the best I’ve ever had. Ever. It needs nothing, but for me to enjoy it. The only thing I wish is that there were more locations. They would trump Starbucks any day.”

  • Leslie P., of Nashville, Tennessee, in a five-star review on Yelp

“I kept seeing the Yelp reviews for this place and finally dropped by while running some errands on this side of town. After one visit, I can tell you that this is not a ‘while you’re in the area’ type of place. This is a destination! As soon as you walk in, you get that great aroma smacking you in the face — freshly roasted coffee wrapping you up like a blanket. The place was busy, but there’s plenty of space and they were getting orders out right and left. The baristas were nice and man, can they make one heck of a cappuccino! I ordered a large, and was pleasantly surprised that it was just coffee and milk, no fru-fru sweeteners unless you ask for it that way. I got it to go, and when I got back to my car and took a sip – OMG! This was some of the best coffee I’ve ever had! I’ll definitely be coming back for some more!”

  • Allan M., of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in a five-star review on Yelp

“So much love for Just Love. The staff here is great — super friendly and always serving with a smile. I’m in love with the Frosted Mint White Mocha [. It’s] currently my favorite. Also try their food. Everything is based from waffles — and who doesn’t love waffles?!? Lastly, they have just started implementing an app for their punch card system and I’ve enjoyed a couple tasty, free treats just for signing up. Go!!”

  • Todd M., of Los Angeles, California, in a five-star review on Yelp

“Super overdue on this review, but I loved this coffee shop on Music Row. When I visited my girlfriend in Nashville, she didn’t hesitate when I asked for a great coffee recommendation. To begin, it’s in a super walkable and interesting neighborhood. The staff was beyond welcoming and offered to guide us through their menu. It became our go-to coffee spot, and something about popping in here every morning made me so happy. It’s [sic] bright, clean, inviting vibe is totally addictive, as it feels like a real neighborhood staple. I’m not always a coffee drinker, but my friend talked me into their light roast, and I lovedddd it. It wasn’t super overpowering and had a fresh aroma. I also had the Womelette Breakfast sandwich, which made for a hearty and enjoyable breakfast. We’ll definitely revisit this location when we’re back! I love a place you can count on when you’re traveling.”

  • Lauren K., of Cleveland, Ohio, in a five-star review on Yelp

“Favorite coffee spot. Food is great and the staff is wonderful. Not an in and out place but don’t think it’s supposed to be. The atmosphere should take time to enjoy. That, coupled with the dedication to the local community keeps me coming back. There is magic there.”

  • Anna R., of Nashville, Tennessee, in a five-star review on Facebook

“In Minnesota, our favorite coffee shop was Caribou Coffee. When we moved here, we started trying several shops. … Just Love is my favorite. I have had great customer service most every time I have been there!!”

  • Michele W., of Brentwood, Tennessee, in a five-star review on Facebook

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