Top 3 Easy Franchises To Open

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If your entrepreneurial dream includes a vision of brand names, recognized storefronts, and a pre-set roadmap to success, franchises offer just that and more! However, taking a plunge into the franchise world can feel overwhelming because the choices are seemingly endless.

With more than 700,000 entrepreneurs entering the franchise market, deciding which industry to break into has become challenging. Fret not! We’ve done all the hectic research to figure out the top 3 easy franchises that require lower initial costs and offer higher ROI (return on investment).

The best part? These are all established brands, so you are backed by a strong reputation that you carry forward and help thrive.

Top 3 easy franchises

1. Just Love Coffee Cafe

Want to own a cafe that feels like home and helps you build a community? That’s what Just Love Coffee Cafe is all about. Rob Webb started this cozy coffee chain with a big heart, wanting to help adoptive kids and families.

A Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise is a perfect opportunity because 3 out of 4 Americans relish a cup of coffee daily, making the industry massive and growing rapidly.

So, what’s the scoop on this cafe franchise?

Firstly, they make a mean cup of joe. Whether lattes, cappuccinos, or just plain black coffee, you get a humble menu that includes delicious waffles and sandwiches worth dying for.

The cool part about opening a Just Love Coffee Cafe is that they won’t leave you hanging. They help you with training, finding a good location , and even tips on spreading the word about your cafe. Plus, whenever someone buys coffee, you know you’re making a little difference in the world.

For those exploring easy coffee franchise opportunities with a feel-good factor, Just Love Coffee Cafe is a top contender.

2. Popeyes

If you have plans to venture into the fast-food business, a Popeyes franchise can help you stand out with its deep-rooted culinary legacy.

Renowned for its Southern-style fried chicken, Popeyes has cultivated a customer base over the years. Beyond its signature dishes, the brand benefits the franchise table.

As a franchise owner, you will get a structured system, help choose a location, and train the staff. The Popeyes team also ensures a smoother transition into the restaurant business.

For those considering a franchise opportunity that combines tradition with a well-established operational framework, Popeyes presents a noteworthy option.

3. The UPS Store

Around 84% of the United States population lives within 10 miles of a UPS store.

If your area still does not have a UPS Store, you can become a franchise owner of this time-tested brand.

Originating from the globally recognized shipping giant UPS, The UPS Store has carved its niche, evolving from mere package delivery to a multifaceted business solutions center. The UPS Store offers its franchise partners a robust foundation and assists them with strategic location insights.

With a consistent reputation, the UPS Store offers a solid footing for those eyeing the retail and business services sector in franchising.

For potential franchisees exploring easy franchises to own, these three options represent low-hassle, high-reward avenues worth considering.

4 Tips on How to Choose a Franchise

Becoming a franchise owner is a significant decision and must be taken after thoughtful consideration. If you’re looking for easy franchise opportunities or are confused about which industry and franchisor to choose, these tips might help clear your doubts.

A. Beginning with Self-Assessment

It is always great to start with introspection. What are your passions, skills, and interests? Are you more inclined towards food and supporting the community? An easy coffee shop franchise can be the perfect option.

B. Consider the Financial Aspect

Franchises vary widely in their financial requirements. Some may have lower startup costs but higher monthly royalties. You can start a strong coffee franchise  with a fee as low as $39,000. The liquid capital required to become a franchise owner is $100,000*, which is way lower than other franchise businesses.

C. Assess the Demographics

The success of many franchises hinges on their location. Research the demographics, traffic patterns, and local competition to make an informed decision. Franchisors can help their partners choose the right location, and you can have a fantastic cafe in around 1,800 sq ft.

D. The Franchisor’s Reputation

An established brand often indicates a tried-and-true business model.

With Just Love Coffee, their executive team has more than 200+ years of collective industry-specific franchising experience- the reason behind the brand’s tremendous success.

Brew Your Success Story Today: Join Just Love Coffee Cafe as a Franchise Owner

If you are a passionate entrepreneur who’s community-minded and loves to serve delicious coffee and breakfast/lunch, Just Love Coffee Cafe can be your best start. Becoming a franchise owner of this award-winning brand does not require breaking the bank.

Just Love Coffee Cafe is not another coffee brand, it is a legacy founded on giving back and nurturing the community.

If your thoughts align with the core values of Just Love Coffee Cafe, be a part of the movement and build a business you’ve always wanted to experience. .

For more details regarding having a franchise, dial (615) 258 6226 or click here to understand the steps of ownership.

Stirring easy franchise opportunities await at Just Love. Dive In!

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