Finding the Best Coffee Shop Franchise for You in 2021

Finding the Best Coffee Shop Franchise for You in 2021

There’s something soothing about coffee shops. Imagine the communal atmosphere with the scent of freshly roasted coffee wafting through the air… it’s heavenly. Many of the best coffee shop franchise owners are experts at utilizing this incredible experience– and you could join their ranks.

Learn About a Top Coffee shop franchise

Today, we’re looking at one of the best coffee shop franchises in 2021: Just Love Coffee Cafe. We’ll go over several aspects of the franchise to determine if you might be a match made in coffee heaven for this exciting coffee franchise. If you’re considering becoming a franchise owner and have a passion for all things coffee, then you’ve come to the right place!

Just Love Coffee Cafe: The Backstory

Founder and CEO Rob Webb opened the first Just Love Coffee Cafe location in 2011, and three more locations in 2014. The idea behind Just Love Coffee Cafe is, put simply, love. It might sound a little cheesy, but that sentiment Rob had – and still has today – is as true now as then.

On a flight to Ethiopia in 2009 to meet his and his wife’s newly adopted children, Rob realized that their personal adoption journey had become expensive and challenging. He also knew that many other people were going through the same struggles, and he had a “lightbulb” moment: What if he set up a for-profit business that could help out other people in his situation?

With a personal interest in hand-roasting coffee and years of experience supplying coffee and other workplace essentials to offices around Nashville, Rob was ready to move forward. During  first year of existence, Just Love Coffee was an online venture that raised and donated nearly $100,000 for families looking to adopt.

Once Just Love Coffee Cafe moved into its first physical location, the delicious smell of the coffee drew in customers form nearby and miles away! Eventually, it was natural for the business to begin operations as a cafe, serving hand-roasted coffee and tasty food, as well. This led to it becoming one of the best coffee shop franchises around.

Now, the Just Love Coffee Cafe team is ready to spread the word even further and have more franchisees join its franchise family. Could you become an important part of their journey into the future?

Just Love Coffee Cafe: The Philosophy

There’s an important question that you may have been asking yourself about this coffee shop franchise. Are you franchisee material? As you may already know, a huge part of choosing the top coffee shop franchises that could be right for you is matching your philosophy to the franchise. It’s crucial that you believe in the same core values and ideals as a franchisor, to ensure you share the same philosophies in order to work together harmoniously.

Just Love Coffee Cafe is dedicated to serving coffee with a cause. If you’re a community-minded individual with a desire to give back and help others, then you could be the perfect franchisee for Just Love Coffee Cafe. The entire ethos of the coffee shop franchise centers around being much more than just a coffee shop.

Your Just Love Coffee Cafe location could become a community hub. It could host fundraising events like school spirit nights, trivia nights, and other events. Just Love Coffee Cafe franchisees don’t serve coffee to customers and call it a day; they aim to form connections and build up communities through homey atmospheres, specialty coffee, and delicious food.

If this all appeals to your heart and soul, then Just Love Coffee Cafe could be the best coffee shop franchise for you. Just Love Coffee Cafe’s focus on fundraising and coffee with heart can make it truly appealing to potential franchisees. However, the business needs franchisees with similar mindsets to function and truly grow. Franchisees need to be extroverted people who love to interact with customers, as well as being community minded and motivated to become a catalyst for civic development.

Just Love Coffee Cafe Franchise: The Financials

Of course, there’s a lot more to becoming a franchise owner than determining if you’re a good match for the franchisor in terms of your philosophies. You’ll need to be able to provide the necessary financial requirements to verify that you’re well positioned to set up and operate your own location. Common costs include build-out expenses and the initial franchise fee, both of which are included in your initial investment with Just Love Coffee Cafe.

Let’s look at the figures. To become a Just Love Coffee Cafe franchisee, you’ll need:

  • An initial investment of $333,500—$563,000.
  • $100,000 minimum liquid capital.

These requirements are designed to be beneficial to you and your Just Love Coffee Cafe location. Your initial investment covers a large range of fees and costs, such as marketing, training, rent, and more.

Furthermore, Just Love Coffee Cafe is a low-cost franchise investment opportunity, you’ll be able to start a Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise with less capital while still maintaining the possibility of potential returns.

Final Thoughts on Choosing on the Best Coffee Shop Franchises

It’s important that you follow your heart and that the culture of the company you set out to invest in aligns with the trajectory you envision for your franchise . That’s why we believe that Just Love Coffee Cafe is one of the best coffee shop franchises: it’s coffee with a cause, where every cozy cup of joe that you pour could make a real change in someone’s life.

Contact us today to learn more about the best coffee shop franchise opportunities.


Finding the Best Coffee Shop Franchise in Texas in 2021

Finding the Best Coffee Shop Franchise in Texas in 2021

If you’ve been looking for a promising coffee shop for sale in Austin or another Texas city recently, then you’ve come to the right place. A coffee franchise in Texas could be the perfect next step for your career if you’re ready to step into the bean-brewing life, taking care of coffee-loving customers every day.

But it can be difficult to find the best coffee shop franchise in Texas for you. What do you need to look out for? How can you tell if a franchise opportunity is worth investigating, or if you should keep looking?

Luckily, there are several signs that can help you learn about coffee franchises in Texas – and we’re going to go through them all here. Get ready to find out whether you’re right for a coffee shop franchise in Texas, and whether that coffee shop for sale in Austin you’re researching might be right for you!

Sign 1: Are You Right for A Coffee Franchise in Texas?

Many of the elements we examine focus on the franchisor and what they can offer you as a business owner. But it can be helpful to take a step back and consider if you’re the right fit for a franchise. For example, Just Love Coffee Cafe is looking for franchise owners who want to give back to their communities with fundraisers and charitable events, as well as simply allowing their coffee shop to contribute to their communities. Are you someone who would love to create a friendly community hub, serving hand-roasted coffee, and delicious food to both new and familiar faces?

If so, you and Just Love Coffee Cafe might be a great fit. Individuals with a drive to put into their community, a love for interacting with others, whether they’re employees (the Bean Team!) or customers, have qualities that might make them effective franchise owners.

There are also the financial requirements to consider, It is recommended that you have $35,000 available in liquid capital; this number will vary from franchise to franchise, but it’s important to take note of the figure. You’ll also need to pay a franchise fee of $39,000, included in an estimated total initial investment range of $333,500 to $563,000. This initial investment should set you up for your first few months of franchise ownership with Just Love Coffee Cafe – but remember that these amounts can vary for different coffee franchises in Texas.

Sign 2: Is This an Industry You’d Like to Enter?

As well as considering whether you’re right for an individual coffee franchise in Texas, such as Just Love Coffee Cafe, you should also check whether the coffee shop industry is right for you. The coffee shop market in the United States was worth $36 billion in 2020, making it a sector worth investigating. If you’re ready to enter a bustling market, then investing in a coffee franchise in Texas could be the right move for you.

You could also be serving lots of coffee-lovers every day, as 63% of Americans drank coffee daily in 2019. Potential franchise owners with belief in community might be ideal fits for Just Love Coffee Cafe, where franchise owners often work on the frontlines with their Bean Team to deliver delicious coffee with a cause to smiling customers.

If you seem like a good fit for the industry and for franchise ownership, then we can move on to other important aspects of a good coffee franchise in Texas.

Sign 3: What Are the Franchisor’s Values?

Often, the best franchisors are those that have personality and individuality and who encourage their franchise owners to have the same qualities.

Check out the story behind the franchisor. Look for the central figures who run the franchise, and see what information is available about them.

A good example is Just Love Coffee Cafe, originally established by CEO and founder, Rob Webb, as a roaster with an all e-commerce platform, that was socially minded, and focused on helping adoptive families. Rob’s first coffee shop opened in 2011, and Just Love Coffee Cafe has been expanding ever since! Just Love Coffee Cafe has now began a “Cause Coffee Program” that is a layered model of giving back, both on a national and local level.

Knowing who the founder of a franchise is and what values they have can help you to determine which coffee shop franchise in Texas is right for you.

Sign 4: How Supportive Is the Franchisor?

It’s crucial for an owner to know they’ve got their franchise system to back them. Check out the level of support that the franchisor offers to their franchise owners. This can range from initial and supplemental training plus ongoing coaching and support.

Just Love Coffee Cafe has a detailed support process for franchise owners, where you’ll be led through the initial start-up process (site selection, build-out, etc.) right up to your grand opening. You’ll even receive support with ongoing local store marketing, as well as ongoing operational, financial and managerial guidance.

Final Thoughts

Just Love Coffee Cafe is on a mission to become one of the best coffee franchises in Texas. If you’re outgoing, hardworking, and positive, and you meet the financial requirements, then contact Just Love Coffee Cafe today to learn more about our franchise model.

Ready to Own a Coffee Franchise? 5 Key Questions to Ask

Ready to Own a Coffee Franchise? 5 Key Questions to Ask

You’ve worked hard and have a good head for business, and you’re ready to take the next step to find out how to own a coffee franchise. Owning a coffee franchise is a big decision to make, and it’s crucial to establish a solid base of information when you decide to make the move.

Knowing which questions to ask gets you off on the right foot and helps to ensure that your franchise experience is a fulfilling and rewarding one.

This guide gives you a handy reference tool to help you get started on your journey. It gives you a head start in how to own a coffee franchise and fall in love with the experience. In this article, you’ll get details on some of the first questions any potential franchise owner should ask.

These questions are sparks: they light fires and generate discussion, which can help you come to an informed and well-rounded decision.

how to own a coffee franchise?

Step 1. Which Coffee Franchisors Share My Values?

Values might not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think about how to own a coffee franchise. But understanding which core principles your potential franchise support team shares is important if you want to have a long and happy experience.

First, what’s the franchisor’s approach toward coffee and food? Quality products and presentations are essential. And, does the franchise brand support and enhance the communities it serves?

Thriving coffee franchise owners make their stores a part of the neighborhood and foster a sense of togetherness and belonging. Doing so attracts and keeps customers, and it’s a great way to add value to any community.

Just Love Coffee believes in giving back. They settle for nothing less than top-notch coffee and food, and they are equally passionate about providing support to their neighbors.

Step 2. What Kind of Capital Do I Need to Own a Coffee Franchise?

Have you thought about what you’ll need to invest to build and maintain your franchise? Of course you have; when you set out to find details on how to own a coffee franchise, the opportunity to make money is likely one of the primary reasons you begin the journey.

So it makes sense that one of your first questions should be how much capital you’ll want to have available when you jump into the franchise game.

Every situation is different, of course, and each franchise is unique. It’s possible to get some general figures to determine your investment requirements ahead of time, though. For example, to own a Just Love Coffee franchise generally requires a total liquid investment of $ 323,100 to $497,000 and average opening time of 6 months, which keeps the price tag within reach of many potential owners. Do your research on total estimated costs to help narrow your list of potential franchises to consider.

Step 3. Where Should I Locate My Franchise?

The best business plan and the most appealing franchise opportunity in the world still require a good location to succeed.

A coffee franchise that offers high-quality food and beverages can thrive if located on the right corner or in a shopping center that attracts your target clientele.

You’d better believe that the old cliché of “location, location, location” should be one of your most important areas to research when finding out how to own a coffee franchise.

Picking out your franchise’s dream location is crucial, and it’s also a lot of fun. This is your chance to let your imagination wander a little. Keep an eye out as you travel around town, and make a note of possible sites.

Conduct research on demographics and traffic at your potential store locales—what sort of clientele live or work around them? Are there future building projects nearby that might impact your growth? Picture how your future franchise might look in each location.

Step 4. What Do Current Coffee Franchise Owners Have to Say?

Owning a coffee franchise is a serious commitment. It’s an investment of time and money, and the more you know about the experience before you begin, the better your chances of thriving.

Fortunately, you have a priceless resource upon which to draw, and they’re available to help you get the details you need. Got some questions about operations, franchisee–franchisor relations, or any other concern? Ask a current franchise owner!

Existing franchise owners are the perfect information source when you’re interested in getting into the game. They’ll be happy to tell you the ins and outs of the franchise; there’s no faster way to find out how smoothly the operation runs than to ask an owner.

Just Love Coffee franchise owners can answer any questions you might have, and our onboarding process includes discussion and site visits with current owners. Every new franchise enhances the Just Love Coffee brand, and they are interested in your growth, just as you are.

Step 5. Once I Decide to Own a Coffee Franchise, How Do I Grow With It?

You’re considering franchise ownership, so you’re ambitious and likely enjoy following and implementing best practices. Just Love Coffee provides franchise owners with a well-honed business model; but also values innovation and encourages owners to continually strive to serve their customers in the best manner possible.

Have you got some notions on how to improve some things? Start stockpiling those ideas, and keep them coming. Watch how other franchises conduct business, and share your thoughts with your franchisor support team.

Idea sharing is a fun and valuable process, and it keeps franchises like Just Love Coffee developing and improving.

Answering Your Questions About How to Own a Coffee Franchise

And there you have it. Once you’ve decided to investigate owning a coffee franchise, it’s essential to ask the right questions to help you get started on the right foot. Our guide gives you foundational questions that set you on the right path.

Use these questions on how to own a coffee franchise to begin your journey, and build on the answers to ask additional questions. Before you know it, you’ll have created your plan and will be ready and raring to venture into franchise ownership.

How to open a coffee shop

How to open a coffee shop

Ready to take action on your idea of owning a coffee shop?

Coffee shop franchises are hot these days, despite economic uncertainties in 2020. Experts look for the fast opportunities to adapt business models and move forward quickly in 2021.

Step 1. Decide if you want to open a coffee shop franchise, buy an existing coffee business or start your own brand.


When you choose the franchise route, you tap into an established business with plenty of support on how to open a coffee shop. You can leverage a tried-and-tested business model to get started, instead of going through the process alone.

A franchise coffee shop gives you an advantage to learn from those who have started a coffee shop from scratch. These business-minded folks understand the risks and know what it takes to manage them.

Franchisors with a well-established franchise program know how to guide you through many of the decisions you need to make on how to start a coffee shop. And you have plenty of support available before you open, when you launch and as you grow your business.

Learn how coffee lovers turned into coffee shop owners and built the destination of choice in their communities.

Step 2. Start your coffee shop with a well-defined business plan


Think of your coffee shop business plan like a road map. It keeps you focused on what you want to achieve, how to get there and how to overcome barriers along the way.

A clearly defined coffee shop business plan also defines your why. It spells out the purpose of your business, what matters most to you and what motivates everything you do. Your why gives you the energy to move forward, even when faced with challenges. It’s also what separates you from your competition.

Get to know a coffee shop founder who turned his why into a community-minded franchise business that gives back to its neighbors every day.

Here are essential sections to include in your coffee shop business plan.

  • Description of your business concept
  • Analysis of your competition
  • Expected costs to open and operate your business
  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Operations plan
  • Financial plan with projections

Step 3. Put your plan in motion


With your business plan as your guide, it’s time to take action that moves you forward from idea to the reality of opening your coffee shop.

Here are key steps to start your coffee shop and keep your enthusiasm percolating at full steam.

  • Define your brand – why your coffee shop stands apart from the competition
  • Choose the right location to attract loyal customers
  • Build out your space that sets the right atmosphere for your customers
  • Recruit the right team to serve your customers
  • Develop service standards and train team members
  • Contract with suppliers and vendors
  • Market your shop to your local community
  • Identify potential revenue-generating streams

Step 4. Share the love of coffee and community


You can take the hassle out of starting a business on your own by investing in a coffee shop franchise. This approach offers plenty of opportunities to become part of a brand with an established reputation.

You can take advantage of support and training programs you need to launch your business. The right business model also offers avenues to tap into sustainable ways to build potential revenue streams or develop new ones.

A franchise coffee shop gives you a chance to touch every piece of the business. You control everything from revenue generation and overhead expenses to shaping the right customer experience and building loyalty in your community.

Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with a brand that speaks to you and the community you want to serve. The right fit offers plenty of ways to mold your business into what you want it to be.

Check out why a long-time entrepreneur opened a coffee shop franchise instead of going it alone.

As you search for franchise opportunities, ask if you can see yourself bringing the franchise brand – its personality, product and customer experience – to your local community.

Watch former Tennessee Titan Keith Bulluck share the love he found in owning a coffee shop franchise.

Step 5. Know your numbers


Do your homework on the financials. Does the investment in a franchise coffee shop make sense from a financial perspective?

Low overhead gives first-time entrepreneurs an opportunity to make the most of their investment. Multi-unit investors can take advantage of well-defined ways to scale up the business to quickly boost potential returns.

Coffee shop franchise concepts that go beyond caffeinated beverages expand your potential revenue streams. That means a food program that works all day, delivery and catering services, loyalty programs, even swag sales.

Step 6. Stand out from the rest of the crowd


You invest more than money in a coffee shop franchise. It also demands hard work, dedication and perseverance. That’s why it’s important to look for a brand with a mission that aligns with your own values.

Your business is more than just a potential revenue generator. It’s an important part of your community. You have the chance to make your coffee shop the go-to destination for almost every demographic of coffee drinker – from Gen Zs to the older crowd and everyone in between.

Meet Thomas Scott, a multi-unit coffee franchise owner, who opened a franchise in Spring Hill, Tennessee, that the community quickly welcomed.

Useful resources when opening a coffee Shop:

Useful Tools:

  • Coffee Shop Business Plan
  • Best Coffee Shop Locations List
  • Best Coffee Shop Franchise lists

Useful Planning Supplies:

  • Coffee Shop Franchise FDD Document
  • Coffee Shop Opening Inspiration Ideas
  • Coffee Shop Community minded brands

Average Coffee Shop Opening duration time:

  • 6 months

Low-cost franchise opportunity investment with high potential returns

A Just Love Coffee franchise is easy to open, simple to operate and right-sized to scale. That means it’s a low-cost franchise opportunity with a proven business model.

Franchise opportunities are available in communities across the country. Find out what it takes to open a Just Love Coffee Cafe in your coffee-drinking and food-loving community.


Just Love Repeats Gig As Green Room Hosts For GMA Dove Awards

Just Love Repeats Gig As Green Room Hosts For GMA Dove Awards

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© – “Main Show” – 2018 Photos | The 49th Annual GMA Dove Awards

Community partnerships and activities serve as viable and visible ways for franchise owners to showcase Just Love products as well as the story behind the brand

Singing is thirsty work, so when Gospel Music Association planners were organizing the 2017 Dove Awards they knew they’d want beverages backstage. The Just Love Coffee Roasters team was only too happy to make that happen, and after rave reviews was asked to come back for the 2018 event.

“It’s been a great experience serving Love to so many music artists and music industry executives,” says D.J. Smith, Marketing Director. “They reached out to us originally as sponsors, and that wasn’t something that we traditionally do, but we did say that we’d be interested in providing coffee and they loved the idea. That’s how it all got started.”

Just Love Coffee MachineCoffee stations drew high praise from performers

In 2017, the plan was to create a different backstage experience by placing a mobile espresso cart in the green room for artists, their management and record label executives. That was a big hit, and as award planners worked on a larger green room to accommodate more people, they asked for Just Love’s input. Based on that feedback, a second green room and additional Just Love presence was added for 2018.

“It was just a tremendous experience, and they fell in love with what we did,” Smith says. “We worked with them to make it even better this year by replacing sofas and chairs with pub tables so that people can stand up and have a place to put their coffee. We did two green rooms and a press room this time, so we were in three places during the event.”

Community engagement helps raise brand profile

Certainly not every Just Love Coffee franchise location will have the opportunity to partner with such a high-profile event, but there are plenty of opportunities for community engagement, Smith added.

“That was a great experience for us, and also a lot of fun,” Smith says. “They loved Just Love, both for our great coffee and also learning our story. Working with different organizations, wherever a franchise is, is a terrific way to tell our story outside the physical café, and to show how eager we are to engage with and be a part of the communities we serve.”

coffee cup latte art

After the launch of two successful locations in Nashville and Brentwood, Tennessee, one of the hottest cities in the nation, Just Love Coffee is primed for expansion in 2019. Led by an executive team with proven experience in growing franchise systems, Just Love Coffee & Eatery is an ideal investment for both new and experienced entrepreneurs who want to get in on the ground floor of the most exciting business opportunity in the $12 billion U.S. coffee shop industry.

Ready to open a Just Love Coffee franchise?

For in-depth details about the Just Love Coffee franchise opportunity, download the free franchise report. You also can learn more by visiting our franchise research pages.

Just Love’s Nashville Growth Is Template for In-Market Expansion

Just Love’s Nashville Growth Is Template for In-Market Expansion

High-visibility franchise locations create consumer interest as well as business opportunities for entrepreneurs who want a scalable, on-trend brand

A good location is foundational to business success. While that’s true for most any kind of operation, it’s especially valid in the booming coffee-shop sector, where even the best-known brands can struggle if they’re not in front of consumers.  That’s why Just Love Coffee Cafe’s continued growth in its hometown of Nashville serves as a model for continued expansion nationwide.

“We’ve been able to go from one coffee cafe franchise to several thanks to strong franchise owner partnerships, and also because of very aggressive and focused work on finding the right real estate,” says Kevin Bauerle, Director of Franchise Development. “As a relatively new brand, we wanted to build our strategy for growth in major markets here at home, and that’s been going very well.”


Creating territories with multiple opportunities

The goal for every Just Love Coffee cafe franchise, regardless of community size, is to be in a market where it can draw from residential areas, nearby businesses and even entertainment venues as much as possible. That creates a steady stream of business throughout the day and evening, setting the franchise owner and his or her team up for ongoing revenue vs. unpredictable peaks and valleys.

“If you’re in the center of things, people are going to gravitate to you,” Bauerle explains. “In Nashville, we have a Just Love franchise location that benefited from the nearby CMA Music Festival downtown, for instance. That’s not going to be the case everywhere, of course, but finding the optimal real estate in terms of steady business is a major factor for our search teams when they work with new franchise owners.”

Metro growth can be replicated in suburban areas

Just Love Coffee Nashviille

Just Love Coffee cafe franchises also are popping up in suburban areas adjacent to major metro markets. They too are benefiting from this targeted approach to real estate based on population and other research metrics.

“In a suburban area, we know that we’re going to pursue shopping areas that see all-day foot traffic,” Bauerle says. “Those with multiplexes and other entertainment venues are ideal, because they bring people in outside the 9-to-5 window. When we establish a franchise location in those kinds of areas, those owners will see the same kind of benefits that their urban counterparts do.”

After the launch of two successful locations in Nashville and Brentwood, Tennessee, one of the hottest cities in the nation, Just Love Coffee is primed for expansion in 2018. Led by an executive team with proven experience in growing franchise systems, Just Love Coffee & Eatery is an ideal investment for both new and experienced entrepreneurs who want to get in on the ground floor of the most exciting business opportunity in the $12 billion U.S. coffee shop industry.

Ready to open a Just Love Coffee franchise?

For in-depth details about the Just Love Coffee franchise opportunity, download the free franchise report. You also can learn more by visiting our franchise research pages.