Best Multi-unit Franchise Brands for 2023

Best Multi-unit Franchise Brands for 2023

Multi unit franchises are appealing to entrepreneurs looking to own and scale their own businesses. If you have what it takes to run a franchise brand and expand it across a region, then you should explore multi-unit franchise opportunities. Looking for a multi-unit franchise for sale? We’ve compiled the best multi-unit franchises in the world and also explained the advantages and disadvantages that may be in store for prospective multi-unit franchise owners.

What is a Multi Unit Franchise?

A multi unit franchise is a business model where a franchisee has the right to operate multiple locations of a franchise brand in a specific territory or region. This business model benefits both the franchisor and the franchisee. The franchisor benefits because it can rely on the multi-unit owner that they already trust to find success in the locations they operate within a region, as opposed to finding new franchisees for each location. The franchisee benefits because they can increase their revenue by owning multiple locations.

Advantages of Being a Multi Unit Franchise Owner

There are many advantages of being a multi unit franchise owner, including:

  • Economies of Scale: Centralizing your marketing, training, operations, and purchasing in bulk at lower rates increases your profitability for your multi-unit locations.
  • Reduced Risk: Since you won’t have all of your eggs in one basket if a location in your footprint underperforms, it won’t have a detrimental impact on your overall business success.
  • Increased potential revenue: By having a greater market share, multi-unit franchises financially benefit from owning multiple units within a region.
  • Professional Development: Having the responsibility of managing multiple locations and hiring people in your local communities provides opportunities for personal and professional growth by sharpening your management skills and increasing your leadership experience.
  • Greater Influence: Since you own multiple locations and have a greater share in the success of the brand, your feedback and needs are vital to the franchisor and you can have a greater influence on the evolution of the brand.

Disadvantages of Being a Multi-unit Franchise Owner

Some possible disadvantages of being a multi-unit franchise owner may include:

  • Larger Investment: It may be more difficult to obtain financing for multiple locations.
  • Time-Consuming: Managing multiple locations can be very time-consuming, and complex, and requires strong management skills.
  • Regulatory Compliance: You will have to understand the regulations within each of your location’s various regions, such as employment laws, zoning regulations, and tax requirements. This can make owning one of the best multi-unit franchises

Top Multi-unit Franchises for 2023

There are many options when searching for multi-unit franchise opportunities. Many franchisors specifically look for multi-unit owners to take over a territory and help amplify their success.

Multi unit franchises are appealing to entrepreneurs looking to own and scale their own businesses. If you have what it takes to run a franchise brand and expand it across a region, then you should explore multi-unit franchise opportunities. Looking for a multi-unit franchise for sale? We’ve compiled the best multi-unit franchises in the world and also explained the advantages and disadvantages that may be in store for prospective multi-unit franchise owners.

Here is a list of the best multi unit franchise opportunities to choose from:

    1. McDonald’s: The quintessential burger franchise.
      Franchise Fee: $45,000
    2. Dunkin’ Donuts: America runs on Dunkin’ coffee and donuts.
      Franchise Fee: $40,000-$90,000
    3. Just Love Coffee Café: More than just a typical coffee shop, Just Love Coffee Café has a unique menu and is committed to providing support to their local communities. Learn more
      Franchise Fee: $39,000
    4. Assisted Hands Homecare: Growing franchise in the home care industry.
      Franchise Fee: $55,000
    5. 7-Eleven: A popular convenience store franchise.
      Franchise Fee: $25,000
    6. KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken: specializes in fried chicken.
      Franchise Fee: $45,000
    7. Pizza Hut: An iconic pizza chain in more than 100 countries.
      Franchise Fee: $25,000
    8. Burger King: Burger King is a global fast-food chain that specializes in flame-grilled burgers.
      Franchise Fee: $50,000
    9. Anytime Fitness: This 24-hour gym franchise offers personalized fitness plans and coaching. Franchise Fee: $42,500
    10. The UPS Store: Shipping, printing, and other business services are provided at The UPS Store franchises. Franchise Fee: $29,950

Conclusion about multi-unit franchises

If you’re looking for a multi-unit franchise for sale, hopefully, the options and information above have helped guide you in your search. Just Love Coffee Café is looking for entrepreneurs like you who want to help provide delicious coffee and food to local communities as multi-unit franchise owners.

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4 Reasons You Should Own a Coffee Shop Franchise in Georgia

4 Reasons You Should Own a Coffee Shop Franchise in Georgia

Location, location, location. There is a reason that is a popular saying. When it comes to running a business, where your establishment is located can make it or break it. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to open a coffee shop, Georgia is a state that should be a top contender for where you decide to launch your future franchise. With a favorable business environment, economic benefits, and a population that has a love for coffee, keep reading to find out more information about the positive qualities this state brings to the café table — a place where a franchise such as Just Love Coffee Café will thrive.

How can you be the future owner of the best coffee franchise in Georgia?

1. Favorable Business Environment

Starting a coffee shop in Georgia is one of the best ideas for your future business. Various publications, including Forbes and Site Selection magazine, have ranked Georgia as the #1 state in the U.S. to do business in. This state has many positive benefits for coffee franchise opportunities in Georgia, such as

Strategic Location

Did you know that Georgia is home to the busiest airport in the world? Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is a hub for international business. And what do travelers look for when they need a boost of energy? That’s right, coffee franchises in Georgia! The state’s location in the southeastern U.S. is beneficial location for any business owner as it provides easy access to major markets in the U.S. and even Latin America.

Skilled Workforce

As a future owner of a coffee shop franchise in Georgia, you will have to take the time to hire the best people to help you operate and grow your business. Even though the corporate team is there to help guide you and train you with all the necessary information you need to run the brand, you are solely responsible for hiring your baristas and employees. Good news — in Georgia, a skilled workforce awaits. There are over 70 institutions of higher education, and Georgia has a strong technical college system.

2. Economic Benefits

At a 5.75% flat corporate income tax rate, Georgia has one of the lowest tax rates in the country — an exciting fact for anyone looking for a coffee franchise for sale in Georgia. As a business owner in Georgia, you will benefit from the state’s GDP of over $500 billion and annual growth rate of 3.7% — it’s no wonder that Georgia is one the fastest-growing economies in the country! Georgia also offers a variety of business incentives to encourage economic growth, such as substantial tax credits for investing in low-income areas, creating jobs, and more.

3. Georgians Love Coffee

Coffee shops in Georgia are growing in popularity lately, making it one of the best places for Georgia coffee shop franchise opportunities. According to Yelp, there are over 2,000 coffee shops in Georgia and that number is continuing to grow to keep up with demand. The Atlanta area has over 500 coffee shops alone. Starting a coffee shop in Georgia has never come at a better time!

Of the 62% of adults in the U.S. who drink coffee every day, 31% go to coffee shops for their coffee (National Coffee Association). Are you going to be the best coffee franchise in Georgia for these consumers to go get their caffeine fix?

4. Just Love Coffee Café is Booming in Georgia

Just Love Coffee Café is an award-winning brand that is passionate about coffee. We have a unique menu and a giving culture that makes Georgians happy to frequently visit their local Just Love Coffee Café. The only problem is — Georgians want more locations to visit! Coffee franchise opportunities in Georgia for Just Love Coffee Café are available now to passionate entrepreneurs who want to own the best coffee franchise in Georgia.

Becoming a Just Love Coffee Café Franchise Owner

Now that we’ve established the reasons why a coffee shop franchise in Georgia is a good idea, take the next step to franchise ownership. When you start your journey into searching for coffee franchises for sale in Georgia, start with Just Love Coffee Café.

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Is a Brunch Franchise Right for You?

Is a Brunch Franchise Right for You?

Brunch is becoming an increasingly popular meal, with brunch restaurants popping up all over the country.

 Why open a brunch franchise?

With a market size of $10 billion, it’s no wonder that opening a brunch franchise is a great opportunity. Brunch is beloved across many age groups — nearly 40% of consumers view brunch as a time to socialize with friends and family (Mintel Research). Also, brunch franchises are typically more cost-effective than other types of franchises because brunch tends to come with lower food costs and higher drink purchases (Forbes).

If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to join the food industry, brunch franchises may be a great opportunity for you. But is a brunch franchise right for you?

Here are some things to consider as you determine whether a brunch franchise is a right investment for you:

Passion for Food and Hospitality

Brunch franchises often require their franchisees to have a strong passion for food and hospitality. If you love cooking, serving people, and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, a brunch franchise may be a great fit for you.

Just Love Coffee Café is a brunch franchise opportunity worth considering. Our unique menu draws in customers and keeps them coming back for more. Our innovative food offerings are centered around waffle irons, offering brunch-loving consumers Instagram-worthy dishes that are comprised of waffled omelets, waffled burritos, waffled sandwiches, waffled quesadillas, waffled hash browns, artisan waffles, and much more.

Business Acumen

While you don’t need formal business experience or an MBA to run brunch franchises, it certainly helps. Brunch franchises can be demanding, especially when it comes to managing costs and staffing. Franchisees who excel in this industry typically have a strong background in business, whether from prior experience or from education. Brunch franchises provide guidance, training, and support to our franchisees, so while business experience is helpful, it’s not vital. Your business acumen will take you far!

Attention to Detail

Brunch franchises are often focused on creating unique and memorable dining experiences, and attention to detail is critical to success. Franchisees who are detail-oriented, organized, and driven to create a flawless guest experience will excel in this industry.

If you possess the traits above, a brunch franchise may be a great investment for you. Here are some of the benefits of owning a brunch franchise:

Established Brand

By investing in a brunch franchise, you’ll be able to take advantage of an established brand with a proven track record. This can help you attract customers and build a loyal following more quickly than if you were starting your own restaurant from scratch. Just Love Coffee Café provides consumers with the expectation of specialty, hand-roasted coffee, knowledgeable baristas and staff, unique and delicious waffled menu items, and much more – no matter which location they visit.

Corporate Support

Brunch franchises typically offer extensive support to their franchisees. A good franchise will guide its franchisees every step of the way:

  • Assisting with finding the perfect location for your franchise and finding contractors for your build-out.
  • Building up to your grand opening will be an exciting time and we will assist you during your journey.
  • Guidance from marketing and advertising,
  • Helping you reach your financial and performance goals,
  • Training, ongoing operational support, and more. Corporate support can help you overcome obstacles and achieve success more quickly than if you were on your own.

Access to a Loyal Customer Base

Brunch franchises often have a loyal following of customers who are passionate about the brand. As a franchisee, you’ll be able to tap into this customer base and build a thriving business for yourself. Just Love Coffee Café customers love having brunch with friends and family or grabbing brunch to go at our brand. When you open a brunch franchise with Just Love Coffee Café, you will create a place in your community for loyal customers to visit while building a new customer base.

With its emphasis on food, hospitality, and guest experience, a brunch franchise can provide you with a rewarding and fulfilling career. So why not take the first step and explore the world of brunch franchises? Just Love Coffee Café is expanding and looking for potential franchisees like you.

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From Barista to Coffee Shop Owner: How Our Franchisees Achieve Success

From Barista to Coffee Shop Owner: How Our Franchisees Achieve Success

If you are a barista with an entrepreneurial spirit, then the franchise business model is for you. If you don’t have a business degree or experience running a business, don’t let that deter you from living your dream to become a coffee shop owner. The corporate team at Just Love Coffee Café helps to ensure that our franchisees find success by giving them extensive training and guidance, but we also focus on their strengths.

Here are the top 4 qualities that can help you succeed in moving from a barista to owning your cafe.

1. A cafe owner has a strong passion:

When you are passionate about your career, you are mostly likely to find success. There are many different areas where our franchisees find passion in owning a Just Love Coffee Café, such as:

Passion for the Brand

Our franchisees are passionate about our brand because their values align with our mission. Just Love Coffee Café’s Founder, Rob Webb, started the business by hand-roasting coffee beans and using a portion of his profits to help families with their adoption expenses. Our brand has been giving back since its inception, and our franchisees donate to local charities and causes in their community.

Passion for Coffee

It’s not necessary to have a passion for coffee to run a Just Love Coffee Café franchise, but it helps. When you look forward to hand roasting coffee beans that are sustainably sourced from farmers worldwide, it makes a huge difference as opposed to just going through the motions of daily tasks. Some of our franchisees were even previously baristas. If your goal is to go from barista to coffee shop owner, then your passion for coffee already gives you a leg up to becoming a profitable entrepreneur.

Passion for People

Our customers at Just Love Coffee Café are like family. Whether they are regular or coming in for the first time, our franchise owners welcome all and treat everyone with respect and friendly hospitality.

2. Ability to Execute Systems and Processes

Another important trait our successful franchisees have is the ability, willingness, and adaptability to execute the franchise business model. The franchise business model is successful because there are systems and processes in place to ensure brand consistency. When customers visit a Just Love Coffee Café location, they have certain expectations of their visit. Following and executing these well-thought-out operations behind Just Love Coffee Café, such as recipes, supply chains, customer service, etc. are vital when you become a coffee shop owner.

3. Communication Skills

Having a good, honest, and open relationship with the Just Love Coffee Café corporate team is very important to our franchisees’ success. We are here to assist you in any way we can and by having an open line of communication with you, we are better able to serve you. Our franchise owners also are great communicators with their employees. Whether it is communicating about how to do their jobs, how to work with customers, or anything in between, building a good rapport and instilling trust in your employees is integral to finding success in owning a café. Franchisees must also be able to effectively communicate with their customers.

4. Strong Work Ethic

When you go from barista to coffee shop owner, your success depends on the effort you put into the business. As a barista, you probably are used to a fast-paced environment, have an acute attention to detail, and know how to work hard. The same will be true when you become a coffee shop owner. As a franchisee, the blueprint for running the business is already in place, but we need people with a strong work ethic to take the plan and run with it. Being your own boss is a dream come true, but it does not come easy — be ready to put in the hard work for the honor of working for yourself.

How You Can Become a Coffee Shop Owner

If you think you have what it takes to join the Just Love Coffee Café family and you possess the traits listed above, then you should start your journey to entrepreneurship with our brand. From barista to a coffee shop owner, we can help make your dreams of owning a café come true.

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Prepare your Coffee Shop Business Plan for 2023

Prepare your Coffee Shop Business Plan for 2023

Are you a coffee lover who wants to put your passion to good use and open your own coffee shop? Entrepreneurship is not always easy, but it definitely helps when you love what you do. Coffee shops can be community staples, providing much-needed caffeinated beverages to people in search of a morning, afternoon, or even evening pick-me-up.

Download your Free Coffee Shop Business Plan here

When opening a coffee shop with a franchise, you’re going into business for yourself, but not by yourself. Multiple brands have the operations manual set in place, and all the kinks have been worked out of running a successful business. With your hard work and your business plan for a coffee shop implemented, you can achieve your goal of becoming your own boss.

You’re probably asking yourself, “how do I create a coffee business plan?” and “is there a coffee shop business plan template?” Well, you’re in the right place! We have outlined what you need to make a coffee shop business plan below.

What is a Coffee Shop Business Plan?

A business plan for a coffee shop is the plan that sets the foundation of your business. It works as a roadmap for how to run and grow your coffee shop. It will also help you receive financing for your business — by having a good, detailed business plan with the key development stages outlined, investors will feel confident in your business.

Your coffee shop business plan will also demonstrate the objectives and goals of your franchise and how you will achieve them.

Which are the sections of a coffee shop business plan?

Your business plan will need certain sections in it, such as

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Description
  • Market Analysis
  • Organization and Management
  • Service or Product Line
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Funding Request
  • Financial Projections
  • Appendix

1. Executive Summary

This is where you will summarize what your business is. Create a mission statement and explain the purpose of your business. You should also briefly summarize your management team, the products and services offered, and the problems your business will solve. This section should capture the reader’s attention and keep their interest to continue reading your business plan.

2. Business Description

In this section, you will provide more detail about your coffee shop business and display its strengths. Who is your target audience? What problems will your business solve? What advantages does your business have to be successful?

3. Market Analysis

What is the outlook of the coffee industry, and where does your business fit in? Here is where you will explain what your competition is doing and what their strengths are. How will you do it better?

4. Organization and Management

Your business plan needs an organizational chart to map out the people who will be helping you run your business. Explain how those people are going to contribute to the success of your business.

5. Service or Product Line

As a coffee shop owner, you’ll explain the coffee and food products you will be serving at your shop here.

6. Marketing and Sales

Attracting and retaining customers is how your business will thrive. Explain your marketing strategy and how you plan to get those customers.

7. Funding Request

Most entrepreneurs are in need of funding for their businesses. In this section, you will explain how much funding you need and what exactly you will use it for — equipment, build-out, salaries, bills, etc.

8. Financial Projections

Forecast your income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and capital expenditure budgets. Tell the financial story of your business. What are your quarterly projections for the first year? Your projections should match your request for funding.

9. Appendix

This is where you will place your materials to support your plan, such as credit history, resumes, licenses, permits, legal documents, contracts, etc.

As a franchise owner of Just Love Coffee Café, you will gain the right to use the name, logo, and products of Just Love Coffee Café and benefit from brand recognition and national marketing. However, you still need to create a coffee shop business plan to explain how you will run your business and be successful.

Hopefully, this information gave you a good starting point as a coffee shop business plan template and a coffee shop business plan example.

Start your journey to entrepreneurship and become a Just Love Coffee Café franchise owner! Find out more information at

What Makes a Good Coffee Shop Business Model?

What Makes a Good Coffee Shop Business Model?

Coffee shops are attractive to investors because the coffee shop business model is frequently a simple one that has a quick return on investment, and is incredibly scalable.

The downside to that is the competition is fierce, it’s a very saturated industry, and it can be hard to stand out. So how has Just Love Coffee Cafe created a business model for a coffee shop that is not only unique but has proven to be a good investment?

Good Revenue Sources in Top Coffee Shop Business Models

The modern coffee business model does more than simply sell coffee. Today’s coffee shop business model has expanded to multiple revenue streams.

American coffee desires can be somewhat fickle, but they can also be steadfast. The cafe business model has to adapt to that. Food menus have to ebb and flow with the wants and trends of the American palate, which can turn on a dime.

The top coffee shops, like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, and Peet’s Coffee have surfed the waves of popular coffee trends. In some cases, they have set the trends themselves.

Common revenue streams in the coffee industry model include:

  • Hot and iced coffees, lattes, and espressos that will cater to seasonality.
  • Breakfast items like pastries, donuts, sandwiches, and oatmeal.
  • Lunch offerings like more sandwiches, wraps, cheese & crackers, or protein boxes.

None of these revenue streams require more of the square footage of the franchise locations that are already necessary to run the coffee shop business model. In this way, they bring in additional revenue without committing more resources.

Just Love Coffee Cafe is no different, and in fact, might have an advantage. The waffle iron-inspired menu has considerable flexibility with the menu to add additional food items—more so than baked goods or pastries. There’s also an aesthetic beauty to the foods that lend to posting on social media for organic brand recognition.

How Social Sense Should be Part of Every Good Coffee Shop Business Model

Speaking of social media, social sense is a critical component of every good coffee shop business model.

However, every franchise owner should remember it’s not only about online social interaction. After all, customers can’t drink their coffee online.

By nature, a coffee shop is a social endeavor. The franchise owner of a coffee shop with the mindfulness to build relationships with those in the community—from their frequent customers to their neighborhood businesses and city commerce partners—may find that community supporting them in return.

Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise owners are encouraged to be bigger parts of their communities, through important causes or charities that speak to them, but also through simple connection.

This can be by hosting fundraiser nights for school programs, joining fundraising drives for other businesses or charities, or contributing to outreach programs already developed by community leaders.

Being part of the fabric of the community means the franchisee’s face becomes a well-known thread within that fabric. Communities support their own in order to strengthen their local economies, and that includes the franchises in their neighborhoods.

Just Love Coffee Cafes have become successful parts of many communities throughout the 15 states in which we’ve opened nearly 50 locations. Our social consciousness is, in large part, the cornerstone for how we’ve integrated so well.

The Business Model Canvas Can Solidify a Good Coffee Shop Business Model

To develop a good business model of a coffee shop, one can use the business model canvas.

This is a strategic tool on a single page that helps define the business concept you’re creating—in this case, it’s a business model of a coffee shop.

On one side of the page, there’s the internal focus of the business, and on the other side, the external focus, i.e., the customer. Right between the two is the value proposition, where the business’s internal structure and external targets meet. This is where customers get the value the company provides in exchange for something, usually money.

The value proposition is foundational to every business. It’s why customers are interested in the coffee shop business model.

In the case of Just Love Coffee Cafe, they get coffee and maybe a delicious waffle or waffle-grilled sandwich, and the franchise owner satisfies another local customer’s hunger and coffee needs. They also get to meet another potential regular, sell a quality product, and invite the customer to stay and relax in the cafe-style seats for as long as they like. The franchise owner gets to make an impression.

The customer’s additional need for somewhere to work that’s not the home or office is met, and they also find a place where they can meet friends or colleagues, or simply spend time enjoying their delicious coffee and waffle.

The business model canvas can be further detailed to show how Just Love Coffee Cafe’s coffee shop business model is not just streamlined but enhanced to perform well in almost every market, which is why the franchise is thriving.

Consider a Just Love Coffee Cafe Franchise Investment

Just Love Coffee Cafe’s coffee shop business model is a unique combination of simple, scalable, and flexible, which is a big reason the franchise is growing at the rate it has been in the last couple of years.

  • The stores require only a small footprint to open, and a limited staff of just 5-6 at launch.
  • The business model is simple to operate and easy to scale in an industry worth $85.16 billion in 2022.
  • Our menu of hand-roasted coffee blends and specialty beverages are a big draw, especially with many of them developed in-house, giving Just Love Coffee Cafe a distinctive flavor.
  • Our full all-day menu is an additional revenue stream that’s unique in the coffee shop segment that adds to the average ticket price—$12.50-$14.50 per customer.
  • The menu has the advantage of being easy to cook, easy to control quality, and still provides customers with a unique product and a memorable experience.
  • Customers find our products so attractive, they routinely post on social media about them, organically growing our reach through word of mouth.

Just when you thought the coffee shop industry was too saturated for a unique and competitive franchise opportunity, Just Love Coffee Cafe has created a good coffee shop business model that’s simple, elegant, and looks very promising for investors. Interested? Contact us for more information!