Just Love Coffee Cafe Franchise Is Bringing Love to Communities Everywhere

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The premier coffee shop franchise is a winning blend of exceptional customer service and a great menu

Coffee shops that are serious about coffee often forget to be equally serious about customer service, making customers wait in long and silent lines, while the baristas scowl in front of their espresso machines. The coffee may be good, but it’s hardly a good experience.

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When Robb Webb, CEO and founder of Just Love Coffee, decided to build a coffee shop in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, a growing college city southeast of Nashville, he knew that he had to deliver on more than just good coffee. He wanted to create an atmosphere that was light-hearted, that encouraged people to gather and socialize, and boasted a customer service experience where people felt familiar and welcome.

“We started with coffee first, and ours is a pretty serious devotion to good coffee,” Rob says. “We had grown a successful coffee subscription service to help families seeking to adopt children with the associated costs, and people would walk into our warehouse where we were roasting the coffee and ask us if they could get a cup. Enough people did that to where we thought, ‘Why not open a coffee shop?’ But we knew immediately we could be different from other specialty coffee shops if we paid attention to our customers, if we created an atmosphere that was fun and friendly.”

Just Love Coffee Cafe has blossomed into a franchise concept with multiple locations in the fast-growing metropolitan area of Nashville, Tennessee. Not only does Just Love Coffee Cafe have award-winning, specialty coffee that is hand roasted at our facility in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, but we stand out as one of the most consumer-friendly, community-minded coffee franchises to hit the market in a long time. We’re not just focused on the connoisseurs, we’re focused on making sure that all of our customers feel like family.

“We tell our franchisees not to hire trained baristas, but hire people who are bright, enthusiastic and love other people,” Rob says. “You can train anyone to make a latte, but you can’t train someone to be nice.”

Walk into a Just Love Coffee Cafe and you won’t see a typical artisanal coffee shop. You’ll see mothers with their children, college students studying together, business meetings, couples on dates, people working on laptops or leisurely reading novels.

Aside from the delicious hand-roasted coffee and exceptional customer service, Just Love Coffee Cafe is also beloved for its robust breakfast and lunch menu. Utilizing just waffle irons, Just Love Coffee Cafe food is cooked to perfection, giving the food a unique look that customers love to share on Instagram and Facebook.

“If you truly care about people and have always wanted to own a coffee shop, Just Love Coffee Cafe is a brand to get excited about,” Rob says. “We are community-minded and customer-focused, and our success in multiple locations proves that our business model is viable for any market. We’ve designed our business to be easy to run and easy to scale, but we want entrepreneurs who are passionate about owning a business that brings their local community together. Together our brand will grow for years to come.”

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