6 ways a coffee shop franchise for sale makes a good investment

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Are you starting your search for the right coffee shop franchise for sale?

As you search for a brand that speaks to you, keep in mind key factors that open doors to a wealth of income-generating possibilities.

  • Meets today’s strong demand for specialty drinks brimming with caffeine
  • Adaptable to satisfy changing consumer needs
  • Easy to scale so you can grow your investment
  • Open to all to enjoy a family-friendly gathering place
  • Serves as a good neighbor and gives back to the local community
  • Supports you with the right energy as you get started and a dedication to help you grow your business for years to come


Here’s a closer look at 6 ways a coffee shop for sale makes smart investment sense.

  1. Coffee shops are hot businesses

Demand for local coffee shops is anything but tepid. Coffee shops represent the fastest growing segment in the food service industry. Franchise operations fuel a $12 billion industry in the U.S.

Today, we drink more coffee than ever before. Across the country, caffeine enthusiasts spend more time in coffee shops as the go-to destination in their daily routines.

Americans drink about 400 million cups of coffee every day.

  • 48% of millennials consume gourmet coffee
  • Over 30 million Americans drink specialty coffee daily
  • Global coffee consumption is expected to grow 33% by 2030
  1. Simple business model fits today’s lifestyle 

The hottest trend in coffee franchises for sale these days is that just-right atmosphere – comfortable, neighborly, genuine. A place to sit, sip and spend a few moments surrounded by the buzz of a neighborhood hot spot.

Consumers want a family-friendly atmosphere. A place for locals to gather. One that’s rooted in community.

Just Love Coffee fills a niche that speaks to the coffee connoisseur, millennials on the go, weekend warriors and everyone in between. The franchise program is built around a smaller footprint, low overhead, and limited staff needs. That means a Just Love Coffee Cafe is easy to open, simple to operate and has potential for high returns.

  1. Space that makes good business sense

Today’s consumers want convenience, simplicity and familiarity in their daily lives. They live by their apps yet crave social interaction.

That means consumers look for coffee shops that offer online ordering, Wi-Fi access, grab-and-go convenience, and the right atmosphere to gather and meet.

Find a coffee shop franchise with local location possibilities that work for you. That may be in the heart of downtown or away from traffic and city life hubbub. Most important – look for a coffee-drinking, food-loving community where you can turn your dreams of owning a business into reality.

  1. Low-cost investment with high potential returns

The right business model gives you plenty of ways to scale up your business over time.

If you are a first-time entrepreneur, consider a concept that’s simple to operate. A small footprint and low overhead let you make the most of your investment.

Does the coffee franchise for sale offer caffeinated drinks only? Or does it go beyond beverages to nourish the body and soul? Full-day menus, loyalty programs, catering services, even swag sales expand potential revenue streams.

Know your numbers – total investment, minimum liquid capital needed, projected gross sales. Look at FDD statements for details about specific startup costs when you are serious about a coffee franchise for sale.

  1. Loyal to consumers and the community 

To spark your passion, a coffee shop franchise for sale needs to be more than just a revenue generator. Look for a brand with a mission that aligns with your own values.

Our community-minded franchise  flourishes by combining a specialty coffee culture and a commitment to support its neighbors. The family-friendly atmosphere and comfortable gathering space draw customers back in again and again.

Meaningful interactions reinforce your reputation as a good neighbor. And that leads to a local, loyal customer base. A brand that actively supports its communities gives you unlimited ways to build awareness about your business.

  1. Support before, during and after you invest

You don’t have to go it alone. Put your entrepreneurial mindset to work even faster with a business model that’s been tried, tested and perfected.

A coffee shop franchise gives you a head start on achieving your dreams of owning your own business. You don’t have to figure out everything on your own. Instead, you become part of a team dedicated to helping you establish the go-to coffee shop in your community.

Here are ways training and coaching help you get your coffee franchise open and running at its best.

  • Site selection – Experts in real estate and commercial space analyze your community to find the demographics needed for your location to grow.
  • Build-out design – A network of recommended contractors, vendors and suppliers match established build-out plans to suit the space and size of your shop.
  • Initial training – Hands-on training shows you everything you need to know about your new business.
  • Marketing – From online, digital and social media to traditional marketing platforms, experienced brand builders provide the tools to spread the word about your new business.
  • Grand opening – A business-savvy, customer-focused team surrounds you during the early days of serving your first cup of coffee.

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