For the Love of Coffee: The Joys of Owning a Coffee Store Business

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If you’re one of the 62% of Americans who drink coffee every day, then you know how important your local coffee shop is. Averaging 3 cups of coffee a day, coffee drinkers need a place to go get their fix morning, noon, and night. If you own a coffee store business, your shop can be the local go-to that fulfills the caffeine needs of your community.

Famous Coffee Shop Chains in the US

When you think of a coffee store chain, you probably think of the big names — Starbucks, Dunkin’, Peet’s, and Caribou. Another contender for a coffee store business is Just Love Coffee Cafe. Just Love Coffee Cafe is a one-of-a-kind concept that started in Tennessee and has grown to many locations across the country.

What Is a Coffee Shop Chain?

A coffee shop chain is a business that serves various types of coffee, from cappuccinos, lattes, espresso, and everything in between. There are many other names for a coffee store business, such as cafes, coffeehouses, or coffee bars. Coffee shop chains usually sell other caffeinated beverages like tea as well as food ranging from pastries and muffins to salads and sandwiches. There are over 65,000 coffee shops in the United States (National Coffee Data) and they can be found on many street corners, plazas, and malls.

Advantages of Owning a Coffee Shop Chain

Coffee shop chains are an $84 billion industry, and coffee drinkers spend 79% of their coffee budget outside of the home (Statista). There are many advantages of owning a coffee shop chain, besides creating a place for these coffee drinkers to get their daily caffeine. Brand recognition, ongoing support, and training from the corporate team are just some of them.

Coffee Shop Chains Offer Brand Recognition

When customers see the Just Love Coffee Cafe brand, they know what they are getting — specialty coffee, a welcoming atmosphere, and a delicious and Instagram-worthy menu. Our franchisees have the opportunity to give back to their community through Just Love Coffee Cafe’s partnerships with nine national non-profit organizations. These are many of the joys of owning a coffee shop chain — you don’t have to work hard to promote your shop’s values.

Ongoing Support

By investing in a coffee store business franchise, you go into business for yourself, but not by yourself. Just Love Coffee Cafe is here to guide you in your journey through every step, from site selection, training, your grand opening, and more. Part of the joy of owning a coffee shop chain is knowing that you don’t have to go it alone and all of the kinks have been worked out so you can smoothly and successfully run your business.


Another benefit of owning a coffee shop chain such as Just Love Coffee Cafe is the training you will receive. You don’t need coffee shop experience or have an MBA to run a successful coffee store business. The team at Just Love Coffee Cafe will train you on how to manage your business and customer relationships, how to market the business, how to make and serve the products, and much more.

Best Coffee Shop Chains to Invest

When it comes time to take the leap into entrepreneurship, you’re probably wondering what the best coffee shop chain to invest in is. Just Love Coffee Cafe is an award-winning brand that is passionate about coffee, has a unique menu, and a giving culture among many other great qualities.

Unique Menu

Have you ever had a waffled burrito? The menu at Just Love Coffee Cafe stands out from the other best coffee shop chains to invest in. Centered around waffle irons, our unique dishes are comprised of waffled omelets, waffled sandwiches, waffled quesadillas,, artisan waffles, and much more. Breakfast and lunch options are available all day, as opposed to other coffee store businesses that only offer these items at designated times or not at all.

Start-Up Costs

Just Love Coffee Cafe startup costs are in the low to mid-range of the average investment for the best coffee shop chains to invest in. This is due to the lower build-out costs that can get your franchise up and running sooner than other franchises.

Being your own boss while providing value to your community is why you are sure to find joy in owning a coffee store business, along with all of the reasons stated above. To find out more information about Just Love Coffee Cafe and to start your journey into business ownership, please visit

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