Starting a Coffee Business In 5 Steps

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Is it your dream to open a coffee business? Local coffee shop owners provide many benefits to their community. Between having a place for friends and family to meet up, and the delicious food and beverages that make people smile, it is definitely a dream business. But how do you start a coffee business? You can either open a coffee business from scratch or, you can open a coffee franchise. Here are the 5 steps starting a coffee business takes.

Step 1: Create a Coffee Shop Concept

The first step it takes to start a coffee business is to have an idea ready for your concept. What is the name of your business? What is your goal? Will you have a drive-thru or space for seating inside? What kind of food will you serve? These are just some of the questions you will need to answer in order to open a coffee business. Don’t have the answers to these questions? Starting a coffee business franchise may be the right path for you. With a franchise like Just Love Coffee Cafe, the manual for running the business is already in place, you just have to execute it.


Step 2: Write a Business Plan and Secure Financing

A business plan is a vital part of starting a coffee business. It demonstrates the objectives and goals of your franchise as well as how you will achieve them. Your business plan will need certain elements in it, such as:

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Description
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Plan and Sales Plan
  • Operations and Management
  • Financial Plan
  • Pro Forma

Your business plan also helps you secure financing. It assures investors that they will see an ROI if they feel confident in your plan. To finance a coffee shop, you will want to start with your personal savings. How much are you able to invest? Next, with your business plan ready, you can potentially receive a loan from a bank and the SBA to start a coffee business.

Step 3: Choose Your Location and Build Out

Your location is vital when you open a coffee business. Is there competition nearby? Is your location easily accessible? Will your build-out fit on that land? You also need to know your customer demographics to choose the best location. Just Love Coffee Cafe can guide you when choosing a free-standing location or an end cap in a strip center to start a coffee business franchise. Our footprints are much smaller than other coffee shops since we don’t require a full kitchen. That keeps your rent low and the build-out affordable for you if you choose a Just Love Coffee Cafe to start a coffee business. The Just Love Coffee Cafe team will visit sites with you, negotiate the Letter of Intent, and help secure the best possible terms for your new location. We can even recommend contractors for your build-out, making the process as easy as possible!


Step 4: Training is key when Starting a Coffee Business

Another important step when you open a coffee business is to train your staff. If you have an independent business, you will have to be an expert in roasting coffee, and brewing coffee, know how to create different coffee drinks, and be a chef to teach your staff how to do it all. With a Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise, the corporate team supports you and your staff. You will learn how to correctly pour the coffee, how to cook and prepare our unique menu, how to use the machinery, the sales process, how to hire baristas, and much more. We make starting a coffee business easy for you!


Step 5: Plan Your Grand Opening

After all of your hard work, it’s time to plan your grand opening! You can go it alone, or you can open a coffee business franchise where the corporate team will be on-site the day of and assist you when needed from that day forward. Get ready to serve your delicious food and beverages to your community in about 90 days with a Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise. Congratulations!

If these 5 steps sound doable to you and help you make your goal of starting a coffee business  come to fruition, then it’s time to contact Just Love Coffee Cafe today. Turn tomorrow’s dream into today’s reality and visit

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