The Coffee Shop Business Model: A Successful Implementation in Just Love Coffee

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Coffee Shop Business Model

Coffee shops in America are more than a place to order a latte or get a caffeine fix. The coffee shop business model is built around cafes being as important to our social tapestry as the corner pub is in England. Cafes can become places people meet, socialize, sometimes work, and otherwise hang out. Just Love Coffee Cafe takes this to heart. We’ve created warm, cozy places for our customers to relax and unwind.

64% of Americans drink coffee every day. According to Eat This, Not That, coffee is the third most consumed beverage in America, behind water and soft drinks. But building a coffee shop business model is about more than coffee: it’s about fostering an inviting, welcoming space for customers to explore their love of coffee and all its varieties while they relax or work.

The Coffee Shop Business Model that Invites Customers to Stay

At Just Love Coffee Cafe, we love having our customers sit and enjoy part of their day with us. After all, we’ve worked hard to build our coffee shop business model to center around our customers’ happiness. They can read, work on their laptops, catch up with loved ones, or just enjoy a patch of sunshine. We love having them here, and the last thing we want to do is rush them out.

Coffee is an experience that can be savored, and people are embracing coffee culture now more than ever. In America, nearly 60% of coffee consumed is from gourmet varieties of coffee beans. CEO and Founder Rob Webb saw a void in the coffee shop market between big box coffee shops offering basic cups of coffee and high-end specialty coffee shops providing expensively priced beverages.

Just Love Coffee Cafe’s coffee shop business model is designed to fill the gap in the middle. Customers can order specialty coffees with quality beans, choose beverages with chocolate or syrup options, and receive well-crafted coffees with perfectly steamed milk—such as the flat white, which is an art form in itself—that aren’t such a blow to the wallet.

The History of Just Love Coffee Cafe’s Coffee Shop Business Model

Just Love Coffee Cafe began their coffee shop business model as a specialty coffee roaster. The location wasn’t set up as a cafe business model initially, but people would come in off the street and ask for a cup of coffee. Despite the location being hard to find, word-of-mouth spread, and Webb opened two pilot store locations in Nashville and Brentwood, Tennessee.

Following the growth of those locations, Just Love Coffee Cafe embraced a franchise coffee shop business model. After the first year, their growth numbers have shown that customers love Just Love Coffee Cafes and keep coming back for their caffeinated beverages and Instagram-worthy menu options.

How the Just Love Coffee Cafe Business Model Stands Out

Part of what makes Just Love Coffee Cafe locations unique is our menu. We noticed initially that many of our customers would come for the coffee, but they’d leave for lunch and then return. We asked ourselves, “How can we expand our food offerings to capture the business of those loyal customers so they don’t feel they had to leave during the day?”

The answer that completed our coffee shop business model was waffles. Or more specifically, the varieties of foods that can be cooked with a waffle iron. By offering waffled-iron grilled omelets, sandwiches, and wraps, we created foods that stand out against other coffee business models. Our customers love our waffle-cooked menu items, which are not only tasty but also beautiful enough for social media posts.

For our franchise owners, this coffee shop business model requires a smaller kitchen with no commercial ovens or hoods. It simplifies the staff training and can give our menu a unique variety that is lower cost to produce and faster to deliver. Many of our customers have embraced it. These additions to our menu have the potential to be a good portion of sales for our franchise owners.

Why Consider a Just Love Coffee Cafe Franchise Investment?

The retail market for coffee in the US is a $46.2 billion dollar industry, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.02% between 2021 and 2025. With Just Love Coffee Cafe’s unique business model of a coffee shop, franchise investors can become part of this booming industry.

With a Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise, the initial investment costs can often be lower than those of other coffee shop business models. The total initial investment for a franchise location is estimated between $333,500 and $563,000. This includes the franchise fee of $39,000.

Without the high build-out costs of a full kitchen, franchise owners can expect a quicker opening process with a fully-tested coffee business model. Just Love Coffee Cafe shops don’t need a large footprint, and our development team’s franchise design can have you opening your location in as little as 90 days.

During the process, we offer expert advice on site selection, and with the smaller footprint, your Just Love Coffee Cafe site location may be easier to find and cost less in rent and build-out expenses. We’ve developed a user-friendly build-out process that adapts to almost any space.

Your initial training will take place in our Murfreesboro headquarters and Nashville, TN store location. You’ll learn everything you need to know about your new cafe business model. The training includes how to make and serve our specialty coffees and how to prepare and serve our inventive menu items. We offer advice on how to hire and train baristas who will become key members of your Just Love Coffee Cafe family. You’ll also be trained on our POS system, and have access to our proprietary processes for day-to-day operations.

Members of our executive team will celebrate your grand opening with you. You’ll receive continued support with traditional marketing processes as well as online, digital, and social media campaigns. We help you connect with your community and spread the word that customers are welcome to spend time in your Just Love Coffee Cafe location.


If this business model of a coffee shop sounds exciting to you, and you’re ready to connect with your community over a good cup of specialty coffee, contact us today to learn more about becoming a franchise owner of a Just Love Coffee Cafe.


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