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Just Love Coffee Cafe Franchise Opens New Location in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise Murfreesboro

Local newspaper covers the opening of a brand new Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise location in suburb of Nashville

We’re excited to announce that Just Love Coffee Cafe has opened a second location in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the growing suburb of Nashville where we first launched our business in 2009.

The opening was featured in the local newspaper, Daily News Journal, in an article titled, “Just Love Coffee Cafe Opens New Murfreesboro Location,” in a nod to how much of a staple our original location has become to the city’s college population and locals, who have made Just Love Coffee Cafe a second home over the years.

“Our customers in Murfreesboro have been asking why we don’t put a shop on the west side of town? When the opportunity to team up with the franchise partner to develop the new location presented itself, we couldn’t resist,” says Rob Webb, founder and president of Just Love Coffee Roasters, in the article.

The article rightly states Just Love Coffee’s charitable origins, “as an e-commerce business providing a fundraising solution for adopting families.”

“From the start, we’ve had our customer in mind. We’re easy to get in and get out for those early morning commuters, as well as those friends and families who want a relaxing place to enjoy time together,” says Patrick Johnson, managing partner for the new JLC West, in the article.

We encourage you to read the entire article in Daily News Journal  by clicking here.

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Just Love Coffee Cafe is a low-cost investment opportunity with potential for high returns, with the total investment estimate to begin operations on a new coffee shop franchise ranging from $275,000 to $395,000. Because our build-out costs are substantially lower than other brands in the coffee shop segment, Just Love Coffee Cafe offers a quicker ramp-up time, which allows for a potentially faster return on investment. The franchise fee for your Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise is $25,000.

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