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What Are Just Love Coffee Cafe Franchise’s Fundraising Efforts for Adoption?

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The premier artisanal coffee shop franchise helps families raise money to offset expensive costs of adoption

When Just Love Coffee Cafe President and Founder Rob Webb and his wife, Emily, were going through the adoption process, they found that many adopting families were frustrated by the lack of a good fundraising model. The Just Love Coffee Roasters fundraising program was born as a result. Our program is unique in that we don’t require families to purchase anything from us.

Just Love Coffee Cafe has set up an online fundraising platform to help families raise money to help offset the expensive costs of adopting children. American Adoptions reports that costs to adopt children can be as much as $47,000 through a traditional program and up to $38,000 through an agency-assisted program. For families who have the calling to adopt, these costs are very real and can even preclude loving families from being able to afford to bring adopted children into their homes.

The online platform allows families to sell Just Love Coffee Cafe products to their network of friends and families to help raise the money they need. There is no time limit, and all fundraising goals are determined by the families themselves. This program has been enormously successful.  In our first two years of business, we have given over $200,000 to adopting families, non-profit organizations, and the arts, and that number continues to grow every single year we’re in business.

Please feel free to visit our fundraising site for a deeper understanding of our commitment to bring love to families going through the adoption process.

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