From Barista to Coffee Shop Owner: How Our Franchisees Achieve Success

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If you are a barista with an entrepreneurial spirit, then the franchise business model is for you. If you don’t have a business degree or experience running a business, don’t let that deter you from living your dream to become a coffee shop owner. The corporate team at Just Love Coffee Café helps to ensure that our franchisees find success by giving them extensive training and guidance, but we also focus on their strengths.

Here are the top 4 qualities that can help you succeed in moving from a barista to owning your cafe.

1. A cafe owner has a strong passion:

When you are passionate about your career, you are mostly likely to find success. There are many different areas where our franchisees find passion in owning a Just Love Coffee Café, such as:

Passion for the Brand

Our franchisees are passionate about our brand because their values align with our mission. Just Love Coffee Café’s Founder, Rob Webb, started the business by hand-roasting coffee beans and using a portion of his profits to help families with their adoption expenses. Our brand has been giving back since its inception, and our franchisees donate to local charities and causes in their community.

Passion for Coffee

It’s not necessary to have a passion for coffee to run a Just Love Coffee Café franchise, but it helps. When you look forward to hand roasting coffee beans that are sustainably sourced from farmers worldwide, it makes a huge difference as opposed to just going through the motions of daily tasks. Some of our franchisees were even previously baristas. If your goal is to go from barista to coffee shop owner, then your passion for coffee already gives you a leg up to becoming a profitable entrepreneur.

Passion for People

Our customers at Just Love Coffee Café are like family. Whether they are regular or coming in for the first time, our franchise owners welcome all and treat everyone with respect and friendly hospitality.

2. Ability to Execute Systems and Processes

Another important trait our successful franchisees have is the ability, willingness, and adaptability to execute the franchise business model. The franchise business model is successful because there are systems and processes in place to ensure brand consistency. When customers visit a Just Love Coffee Café location, they have certain expectations of their visit. Following and executing these well-thought-out operations behind Just Love Coffee Café, such as recipes, supply chains, customer service, etc. are vital when you become a coffee shop owner.

3. Communication Skills

Having a good, honest, and open relationship with the Just Love Coffee Café corporate team is very important to our franchisees’ success. We are here to assist you in any way we can and by having an open line of communication with you, we are better able to serve you. Our franchise owners also are great communicators with their employees. Whether it is communicating about how to do their jobs, how to work with customers, or anything in between, building a good rapport and instilling trust in your employees is integral to finding success in owning a café. Franchisees must also be able to effectively communicate with their customers.

4. Strong Work Ethic

When you go from barista to coffee shop owner, your success depends on the effort you put into the business. As a barista, you probably are used to a fast-paced environment, have an acute attention to detail, and know how to work hard. The same will be true when you become a coffee shop owner. As a franchisee, the blueprint for running the business is already in place, but we need people with a strong work ethic to take the plan and run with it. Being your own boss is a dream come true, but it does not come easy — be ready to put in the hard work for the honor of working for yourself.

How You Can Become a Coffee Shop Owner

If you think you have what it takes to join the Just Love Coffee Café family and you possess the traits listed above, then you should start your journey to entrepreneurship with our brand. From barista to a coffee shop owner, we can help make your dreams of owning a café come true.

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