Just Love Coffee Cafe Franchise High-Quality Beans Sets Us Apart

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Culture and techniques make Just Love Coffee Cafe a great investment

Just Love Coffee Cafe is primed for rapid expansion after launching several successful locations in the booming metropolitan area of Nashville, Tennessee. Led by an executive team with proven experience in growing franchise systems, Just Love Coffee Cafe is an ideal investment for new and experienced entrepreneurs who want to get in on the ground floor of the most exciting business opportunity in the $12 billion U.S. coffee shop industry. One attraction for franchisees is our careful attention to our roasting process.


We stand out against the competition with the coffee beans we carefully select and roast by hand. Just Love Roast Master Jason Smith takes pride in buying only the highest-quality coffee beans, with a focus on fairtrade and organic processes, and he dedicates considerable time and attention to each coffee blend we serve. Our commitment to the art of coffee making is never pretentious. We’ve built a warm and welcoming culture for coffee fans of all levels.

We’ve worked hard toward being organic and fair-trade certified. It’s great to know that the fair trade helps some of these really rural farms, where a lot of times they are moving their coffee on the back of the burro to somewhere they can get it processed,” says Jason, who oversees the coffee roasting for Just Love. “They don’t have access to healthcare or education, or even agronomists who can help them analyze soil and where they are growing.

We choose our coffee carefully

Jason typically starts his work day, which kicks off around 5:30 a.m., with a double shot of espresso. His current favorite coffee is the Girasoles Costa Rican. He’s always on the hunt for another speciality coffee to add to the unique Just Love coffee menu, which makes us more than just another coffee shop. He’s most excited about a new Bolivian coffee he’s purchasing this fall that hasn’t been available in nearly six years.

Jason takes the roasting process very seriously, starting with the raw green coffee beans he purchases from suppliers. Although consumers may never see this part of the business, this meticulous purchasing process is integral to what makes Just Love different from the typical coffee shop.

“I want every location to feel unique. We are very people-focused, whether it’s on the customer or with our employees. There is a good sense of family among the team, and that comes across to the customer.” – Just Love Coffee Roaster Jason Smith

“The whole greens grading thing is a whole other world in and of itself. Every country is different, and every country has a taste profile. There are different things that accentuate it,” Jason says. “For instance, I can tell Guatemalan beans from Kenyan beans from the look and shape.”

Just Love also sells coffee beans, so once customers get hooked on our great coffee, and our great food prepared on a waffle iron, they can purchase it for home or for gift giving. It’s just another revenue stream for franchisees, and another way to build our brand.

At Just Love, we focus on people and a high-quality product

Jason, who has been overseeing roasting coffee for Just Love since our founding in 2009, places a big emphasis on ensuring that our culture is as warm and inviting as the coffee. Our baristas are trained to provide the best customer service possible.

Jason meets with new baristas as part of their onboarding and training to discuss the roasting process.

Just Love is a local community coffee shop where everyone feels welcome. Our company was originally founded to help adoptive families offset the high cost of adoption, and that loving culture permeates everything we do.

“I really strive to keep that one-off coffee shop feel, despite the fact that we have multiple locations,” Jason says. “I want every location to feel unique. We are very people-focused, whether it’s on the customer or with our employees. There is a good sense of family among the team, and that comes across to the customer.”

Ready to open a Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise in your community?

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