Just Love Coffee Franchise Closes 2018 With Strong Growth

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Entrepreneurs remain bullish on mix of all-day food and coffee menus and fun, friendly vibe to fuel continued brand expansion in markets across the U.S.

A strong economy and more lending opportunities got many entrepreneurs off the sidelines in 2018. And of that group, many opted to become Just Love Coffee franchise owners, thanks to a business model that’s affordable, easy to implement and offers a fast path to profitability.

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“We have seen interest from across the United States and are opening up Just Love Coffee franchise locations in several states, with more on the way,” says D.J. Smith, Marketing Director. “The past year has proven to be a very strong one for our brand’s growth, and based on the conversations we’re having, 2019 will be even better.”

Food & coffee offerings create all-day traffic

A major reason would-be small business owners are eager to explore the Just Love Coffee franchise opportunity is its unique menu. Most coffee shops are just that — coffee-only venues. Just Love has layered a fun, quirky menu of easily prepared items that are great for meals and snacks throughout the day. That creates consumer interest, more business and a steady stream of clientele.

“Just Love Coffee franchises don’t have the peaks and valleys that coffee shops or restaurants have during the day,” Smith explains. “Food items and coffee drinks are made to order, so there’s no risk of spoilage. And because customers aren’t coming only at certain times, there’s no scheduling headaches around the fear that there will be too many, or not enough, staff on hand.”

Small footprint and setup provide location flexibility

Another bonus a Just Love Coffee franchise offers potential owners is the ability to place the business in many locations. Because the menu is largely created on waffle irons, there’s no need for a large kitchen. And Just Love’s design team excels at adapting spaces of all shapes and sizes in busy commercial centers to be open, engaging and workable franchise locations.

“Just Love Coffee is a brand that doesn’t fit in a box, and we mean that literally and figuratively,” Smith says. “Our approach to coffee, food and overall atmosphere is playful and inviting. And we feel the same way about our physical sites — if the space is right for Just Love, we work hard to create the most amazing location possible.”

After the launch of two successful locations in Nashville and Brentwood, Tennessee, one of the hottest areas in the nation, Just Love Coffee is primed for expansion in 2019. Led by an executive team with proven experience in growing franchise systems, Just Love Coffee is an ideal investment for new and experienced entrepreneurs who want to get in on the ground floor of the most exciting business opportunity in the $12 billion U.S. coffee shop industry.

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