Just Love Coffee Cafe Stands Out Among Coffee Shop Franchises

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Just Love Coffee Cafe distinguishes itself with approachable community atmosphere, unique full menu and commitment to local communities

Specialty coffee is a hot market. According to USA Today, 83% of American adults are regular coffee drinkers. Moreover, the market for specialty coffee is also on the rise, with Zagat noting that the average cost of a cup of coffee is nearly $3.30 (and climbing). With this increase in popularity, there is a demand for a franchise that can provide Americans with the high-quality coffee fix they desire, while at the same time offering a distinctive neighborhood atmosphere that stands apart from large chains such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

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Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise is the right company to meet this demand. Founded in 2009, Just Love Coffee Cafe has blossomed into a franchise concept with multiple locations open in the fast-growing metropolitan area of Nashville, Tennessee. Led by an executive team with proven experience in growing franchise systems, Just Love Coffee Cafe is an opportunity for first-time and experienced entrepreneurs, as well as savvy investors, to get in on the ground floor of the most exciting investment opportunity in the $12 billion U.S. coffee shop industry.

“The market is primed for a coffee shop franchise that combines the quality products of local coffee roasters with the approachable, community atmosphere of a local coffee shop,” says Rob Webb, CEO and founder of Just Love Coffee Cafe. “The coffee shop market is increasingly fragmented, with consumers seeking options that are more authentic and personable than the larger chains. Just Love Coffee Cafe is poised to meet this demand and is on track to become a national coffee shop franchise like no other.”

Just Love Coffee Cafe blends specialty coffee culture with approachable community atmosphere

Just Love Coffee Cafe takes the craft of coffee roasting seriously. We’ve been named a finalist in the prestigious Roast magazine’s Roaster of the Year competition for several consecutive years, and our bags of hand-roasted beans can be found in a growing number of supermarkets and retailers, such as Whole Foods and Fresh Market. Furthermore, our knowledgeable baristas can chat for hours about the intricacies of roasting and brewing, making sure that even the most dedicated coffee connoisseur will be able to find a cup of brew they’ll love.

At the same time, though, we work to ensure that our locations are approachable, unpretentious community centers. We encourage patrons to bring their children, and we offer a variety of games and seating options for all occasions. We hire our baristas to be coffee ambassadors, helping each customer find something they will enjoy. Our goal is to create a space that people can come to meet, work, study or just hang out. This means that our locations work well in just about any community in America, and since we’ve designed a business model that will work in spaces of any size, the only limit is your imagination as a franchisee.

Just Love Coffee Cafe offers innovative full breakfast and lunch menu prepared with a waffle iron

We’re not the only coffee shop franchise to serve food, but we are the only one that can prepare a full breakfast and lunch menu using just a waffle iron. Yes, you heard that right. Rob Webb, our founder and CEO, knew he wanted to offer a full menu to complement Just Love Coffee’s expertly roasted coffee, but his original location didn’t have space for a kitchen. So he got creative, eventually realizing the tremendous versatility of a waffle iron.

“It took a lot of playing around and making messes,” Rob says, “but in the end, I came up with a really simple menu that wowed our team. We could serve omelettes, breakfast burritos, wraps, sandwiches, you name it, and all of our food would have a really original look that would encourage our guests to take photos and share on Instagram and Facebook. It really set our brand apart from the get-go.”

Just Love Coffee Cafe has carried this spirit of ingenuity forward as we’ve expanded into franchising. Not only does the waffle iron menu provide a memorable experience that guests can share on social media, but it also has practical benefits. Because the waffle iron is all we need to prepare our food, our franchisees don’t have to worry setting up and maintaining a full kitchen. This cuts down on startup and operating costs, as well as allowing you to be more flexible in the location you choose.

Just Love Coffee Cafe gives back to local communities (and encourages franchisees to do the same)

One of the most important ways that Just Love Coffee Cafe stands out from other coffee shop franchises is our commitment to giving back. Just Love Coffee Cafe began as a small business devoted to helping families fundraise to offset the high costs of adopting children, donating more than $100,000 to families in its first year of existence.

As Just Love Coffee Cafe has grown, we’ve continued donating a portion of our profits to help families adopt. At the same time, we also encourage our franchisees to give back in their own way, donating to charities and other local causes of their choice. Furthermore, we open up our coffee shops for events, fundraisers, concerts and more, making sure that each of our locations remains a place for community engagement.

“When you support the community, the community supports you,” says Alan Thompson, President of Just Love Coffee. “It helps connect our brand to more people, winning new customers in the process. This is what a good coffee shop is designed to do.”

Ready to open a Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise in your community?

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