Just Love Coffee Cafe Franchise Expands into Texas, Michigan and Georgia

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Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise is an attractive low-investment franchise for cities thirsty for great coffee and community

Just Love Coffee Cafe’s franchise simple business model is attracting investors in cities where there is a demand for a family-friendly coffee shop. Low startup costs, a revenue-generating all-day menu and a community culture are attracting entrepreneurs looking for a multi-unit franchise opportunity in the competitive food space.

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Just Love Coffee is primed for domestic expansion in 2023 after the launch successful locations in Nashville and Brentwood, Tennessee, one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities. Led by an executive team with proven experience in growing franchise systems, Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise is an ideal investment for both new and experienced entrepreneurs who want to get in on the ground floor of the most exciting business opportunity in the $12 billion U.S. coffee shop industry.

“This is an exciting time to join the Just Love Coffee Cafe family of franchisees,” says Rob Webb, CEO and founder of Just Love Coffee Cafe. “There aren’t a lot of community coffee shops throughout the South, Midwest and Great Lakes areas. People really crave community and want to frequent local businesses that serve a high-quality product while also being family friendly. Just Love brand encourages and embraces both these concepts like no other coffee brand I’ve seen.”


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2023 is poised for a surge in domestic growth

Coffee franchises in Texas, Tennessee, an Michigan

2023 is shaping up to be an exciting landmark year of U.S. expansion for Just Love as we have multi-unit agreements pending in several new markets including: Austin, Texas, Savannah, Georgia, and Detroit, Michigan. The Austin area is especially promising as the Texas city currently ranks as the fastest growing city in the United States.

“The strategic growth and expansion around Austin, Texas, makes sense from a synergy distribution, brand awareness and economies of scale,” says Just Love Sales Director Kevin Bauerle. “We are really excited about Austin and it fits our brand really well. We’re also talking to potential investors throughout the entire state of Texas.”

Just Love is also focusing on development in the Savannah, Georgia, area and plans to open at least one location in the Savannah market in 2018. Additionally, there are several possible locations lined up for the Detroit, Michigan, market. Closer to our Middle Tennessee home base, Just Love is working on potential openings in Knoxville, Tennessee, home of the University of Tennessee.

Low startup costs make us perfect for first-time entrepreneurs

Just Love Coffee Cafe is a simple-to-operate business model with a low franchise fee of $35,000 that is considerably less than most coffee shop franchise concepts. Our unique menu is inspired by the waffle iron, which means Just Love Coffee Cafe doesn’t require a full kitchen, making it a simple food business concept. This translates into lower build-out costs than our competitors in the coffee shop space as well as a faster ramp-up time, which allows for a potentially faster return on investment.

We also offer a rare coffee shop franchise opportunity that doesn’t require any previous experience in either running a restaurant or being an expert in coffee — all that we require is that our new franchise owners are passionate about our brand and making their new business successful. Our business model is simple to run and easy to scale, creating multiple revenue streams and utilizes a training program to help new franchisees excel in their new role as a local coffee shop owner.

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