Looking to Learn About the Best Franchises for Retirees?

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For many people nearing retirement, the thought of not working just won’t work.

They’re not cut out for puttering around their home, immersing in hobbies, or simply relaxing. They not only have the drive to keep busy, but they get enjoyment from it. Working is genuinely how they want to spend their sunset years.

Perhaps the only question is what kind of work they want to do. It’s worth considering: what are the best franchises for retirees?

The perfect retirement business would include:

  • A streamlined opening process
  • A less complex business plan
  • A solid industry in which to operate for a consistent chance at profit
  • An industry that wouldn’t require long hours

What Criteria Makes the Best Franchise for Retirees?
First of all, retirees aren’t looking for hefty work. They may want to keep active, social, and engaged because they aren’t idle people, and challenges excite them. But they’re also practical people.

Retirees continuing to work want to balance the physicality and hours of the work they do. For those searching for the best franchises for retirees, they’re going to seek out some common features.

Smaller Footprint

Franchises that have a small storefront are going to be simpler to run and maintain. Overhead will be less expensive, and they’ll require fewer employees. This means the business itself will likely be less complex, and therefore, a good retirement business.

Less Equipment

To go along with the smaller storefront, a retirement business with less equipment is also desirable. Again, simpler means lower operating expenses and maintenance. Smaller, less complicated equipment is quicker to repair or less troublesome to replace when it does break down.

Easy Menu

If the business is a restaurant franchise, a smaller storefront, and easier equipment by necessity means a simpler menu. Retirees may not have considered restaurants the best business to start over within their golden years, but in some cases, a diner or cafe with an easy menu may be the perfect fit.

Fewer Business Hours

In some of the best franchises for retirees, the franchise owners aim to set fewer hours, and it works for them as well as their target consumer. Depending on their demographic, the neighborhood in which they’re located, and the product they sell, staying open later simply makes no sense, so it’s okay to keep fewer hours. The retiree just has to do some research into which retirement businesses support that model.

How Just Love Coffee Cafe Fits the Criteria for the Best Franchise for Retirees

Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise may be one of the most fitting business ideas for seniors  Let’s break down how owning a coffee franchise might be an attractive  franchise for retirees.

Smaller Footprint

Just Love Coffee Cafe meets this criteria easily. Our average cafe is around 1,800 square feet. This helps our franchise owners keep a more streamlined business model, with lower overhead and a smaller staff. Locations are easy to run, and our technology keeps things simple.


Less Equipment

At Just Love Coffee Cafe, we wanted a smaller kitchen, but we didn’t want to scrimp on the food. Our solution: the waffle iron. It’s an ingenious piece of kitchen equipment that can produce a variety of Instagram-worthy foods without being complicated. They’re easy for anyone to learn, and they require very little effort to maintain.


Easy Menu

With the waffle iron kitchen, the Just Love Coffee Cafe menu is unlike any other—unique, beautiful, full of flavor, and yet simple for our franchise owners to fulfill. Our waffles are almost dessert-level quality, and our sandwiches have a unique twist people love. The menu is imaginative and keeps customers returning.

Fewer Hours

Unlike a bar or restaurant, a Just Love Coffee Cafe doesn’t require long business hours to be profitable. While our all-day menu covers the entirety of the day, many of our locations close in the late afternoon or early evening hours.

Coffee drinking is something that Americans, by nature, taper off after 5 pm. These shorter hours are yet another reason Just Love Coffee Cafe is one of the best franchises for retirees.


 Many Seniors Look for Businesses with Social Impact

The social aspect is another reason Just Love Coffee Cafe is one of the best franchises for retirees. At Just Love Coffee Cafe, we share the love. It’s in our name, mission, and customer service. We build relationships with our customers because we love what we do. A Just Love Coffee Cafe is a retiree’s opportunity to get to know the regulars and the newcomers and take a minute to say hello.


Give Back to the Community with Just Love Coffee Cafe

Giving back is at the heart of the Just Love Coffee Cafe business. We started as an online coffee service designed to raise funds for families adopting children. They had plenty of love but found the financing side difficult.

We’ve discovered, since franchising, that the investors we attract are also the giving type. While we don’t tell our franchise owners what charities and causes they should support, there’s a certain kismet in a retiree Just Love franchise owner supporting other seniors in charitable ways.

Yet another way Just Love Coffee Cafe may be the best franchise for retirees, from both sides of the coin.


Excellent Investment Potential

The industry in which coffee shops operate is extremely stable, even in times of economic hardship. Cafes are places of comfort. When people cut down on luxuries, they want to keep a few staples. Coffee is one of the last things they’ll relinquish when tightening their budget.

Consumers will even swap a restaurant for a cafe as a place for a date because it’s easier on the wallet. That holds especially true when the cafe in question has a menu like Just Love Coffee Cafe’s.

Because of the affordability of our menu, our customers are comfortable spending time (and yes, their hard-earned money) here because they get great value for their dollars, and the food feels indulgent, not overpriced.

Just Love Coffee Cafe is also one of the best franchises for retirees because we have streamlined our opening process as part of our unparalleled support of our franchise owners.

Another reason Just Love Coffee Cafe is one of the top franchises for retirees is the investment estimate is extremely affordable. Our franchise fee is just $39,000, and that’s included in the investment range of $$333,500 to $563,000 to bring a store into reality.

Investors only need a minimum of $100,000 of liquid capital—some of the lowest necessary in franchising. This is because of our low build-out requirements in the smaller footprint.

If the idea of an idle retirement isn’t for you, and you’re interested in an investment that will keep you engaged but won’t be overly complicated or taxing, consider one of the best franchises for retirees: a Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise. Contact us today or download our industry outlook to learn more about our industry and brand!

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